Friday, February 11, 2011


When I started this blog a couple of days ago, it was in the comfort of my own home and nobody knew it was out here in cyberspace.  I just posted it on my facebook page and took a huge GULP and SIGH!  It is so hard letting people in and see any of our vulnerabilities or weaknesses, but I have a huge group of friends and supporters that made hitting that ENTER button a little easier.  I look forward to all the tips, information, and encouragement.  Although it is titled "Single Moms" I welcome any advice or input.  Parenting is hard anyway you look at it and we can never have enough help. I had a miscommunication with my son, Shane, yesterday and I have proof that there are a lot of people I can count on to help me get my kids where they are supposed to be!  It ended up being funny......  AFTER I found him and we got where we were supposed to be! I hope this becomes a place where everyone that participates leaves with a sense of comfort and confidence in what we do every day.  No matter how hard the day is when we look at our sleeping kids at night (they are always so precious asleep :) we know we mean everything in the world to our kids.  We can mess up, have a bad day, heck a bad month, and we are the world to our kids!  To be somebody's whole world is a wonderful thing to be!    

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