Thursday, March 17, 2011


I love this time of the year, but it DOES NOT love me!  Even though the weather right now is bipolar, we are having all kinds of trees and flowers beginning to bloom down here.  I am so ready to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, but I know I will pay for it.  My very good, sweet friend just got a new convertible and I would LOVE for her to come get me and take me for a spin, but I will have to take so much allergy medication I won't remember the ride.  Can you take the top half down?

I inherited my allergies and being the great mom I am, I passed them along to ALL 3 of my kids.  We each have our own arsenal of medicines that work for us.  I am big on setting our home alarm system, but even when it isn't activated we set off the glass break chime with our sneezes!  Some days we could make our own song with the chime as each of us has, as my grandmother always put it, our sneezing spells.  She was funny!  I inherited my allergies from my grandfather, Stanley, and he has his own tricks for this time of year, but my grandmother, Betty, had her own trick.  She would cough so much during church so she came up with bringing peppermint candies to eat to keep quiet and not cough.  She didn't quite think ahead because she ALWAYS brought the individually wrapped ones and she would eat at least five during the sermon.  She would make more noise opening the candy than coughing.  Finally, after about 5 years of trying to open them ever so slowly (and quite loudly), she began opening them at home and putting them into a zip loc bag.  I still can't smell peppermint without thinking of her.

                                                                                    Photo by ewanr

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