Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Can I Borrow A Cup Of Sugar? ("Sister Wives" Style)

     Last night I watched this Sunday's episode of "Sister Wives".  I can't help it, I am just overly curious about how it works for everybody.  I know it is bad and my kids will probably have me on the "Intervention" show soon but for some reason I have to watch it. This episode explained a lot of the financial part of the family.  One of the wives works full fime, one is a stay at home mom, another works but doesn't bring in much of an income, and the new one is unemployed now, but looking for work.  I guess with multiple wives you have the benefit of a working partner and  a stay at home mom for your kids at the same time.  At least they don't have money going out for daycare.  Heck, they have their own daycare!
     The stay at home mom explained that part of her job is the grocery shopping and saving money on household needs.  They have this big pantry that everybody kind of takes what they need from.  I know I have gone to the grocery store so many times and when I got home realized I was out of something.  This happened to Christine, the stay at home mom.  She loaded up her pantry and realized she was out of sugar.  The first wife, Meri, admitted she took the last of it.  This brings a whole new meaning to the idea of "borrowing a cup of sugar" from your neighbor.  It must be really confusing for Christine to grocery shop with other wives taking things out of the pantry.

Christines Fabulous Food Pantry

Kody and one of the wives had planned a camping trip for just the two of them.  He does this at times with each of them so they can re-connect as a couple.  That idea is kind of shot in the wind when you go through the house telling 3 other wives and 3 other sets of kids goodbye to go on that little adventure.  And, I know some women enjoy camping, but I am not one of them.  If I had to share my time with my husband I would be like "take me to a Hilton or better yet a Ritz Carlton with a spa."  The wife he took is the one who works full time, so I would be hiding me a little extra money along the way for the next time it was my turn to go away with him.  They had to put up the tent, build a fire and had HOT DOGS for supper.  What?????? I don't know, maybe self-respect is a dead issue here.  I think it is a safe bet to say the other wives were probably eating better at home off of her paycheck. With 4 wives you would think he would have some kind of idea how to romance a lady.

The subject of who is Kody's favorite was brought up too.  All of the wives said their kids thought they were the favorite.  But what about the kids?  With that many, some of them have to feel left out at times.  And now the new wife, Robyn, has three kids from her previous marriage.  There has to be some fighting with the kids and the women to get their time in and attention from him.  I don't care how nice you are, you get 4 women in one room with one man and there is going to be competition.  I know this to be true because  I watch "The Bachelor".  Happens all the time on there.

                                    Photo by tlc.com

I just don't think these wives and kids can be truly happy.  (Truely happens to be the name of the youngest that was just born.)  Especially when he takes one out of the house for "a little bonding time". Even if it is in the woods.  What do the others say when he leaves?  Surely they don't say "have a good time".  And what about the conversation when they return?  "What did you do?"  "Did you have fun?"  "Did you take any pictures or video?"   I have a feeling that is one Kodak moment that none of the other wives will want copies of.

Have you seen it?  What do you think?

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