Thursday, March 10, 2011

Charlie Sheen and Britney Spears

     "Charlie Sheen and Britney Spears" that looks like a cover for gossip magazines.  I am just puzzled.  Celebrities that are single parents can really get themselves some attention!  Charlie Sheen is all over the news because of his recent troubles and very odd, almost insane, behavior.  Maybe I am just paranoid, but I can't help but wonder sometimes if the stars get themselves tons of media attention on purpose.  I know Charlie Sheen didn't mean to almost die recently, but it wasn't the first time he put his health in danger.  What does Britney Spears have to do with this subject?  No, they aren't a new couple, that would be a disaster wouldn't it?!  I just find the timing of her crazy behavior a little suspicious too.

Let me explain, In Feb. 2007, she began by shaving her head.  That just lead to even more bizarre behavior like attacking the paparazzi.  (I have a link to an article with the timeline of her famous events if you click on her highlighted name.)  All this went on through January 2008 when she had a custody dispute that led to a three hour hostage situation and she ended up in the back of an ambulance.  Stay with me.  She released her Circus cd in Dec. 2008.  It came out a little earlier than it was supposed to, in stores just in time for Christmas shopping.  She was at herself, totally cleaned up, and beautiful at the VMA's in September of 2008, where she won Video of the Year.

photo by samlavi

January 2008 to September 2008.  Is that when she made the Circus cd?  I was rooting for her.  I felt sorry for her, even though she was so out there.  I really hoped she got better for herself and her two cute as pie boys.  I just wonder how long it took her to make the CD.  Seems like a quick clean up and back to very productive work!  I am glad she did it, I love the CD and she has managed to stay out of the spotlight, for now.  I am mostly glad that she seems to be a healthier mom.  These poor kids of whacked out celebrity parents don't have it fair at all.  The people that put all of their parents' behavior in the media should stop and think what if it was their mom and dad.  The kids will see it one day and that is so unfortunate.

Cartoon by Lee Crutchley

     I just can't help but wonder if celebrities lay it on a little thick to keep themselves in the media.  I am also rooting for Charlie Sheen.  He is a dog, and I wouldn't want to date anyone like him, but for some reason I like him and really hope he gets better.  I am really upset that he was fired from Two and A Half Men.  I don't get it.  He didn't even have to sober up and slip into character.  He was in it already.  If he is there, knows his lines, what is the problem?  I love that show and I just can't see anybody replacing him.  He IS Charlie Harper!  John Stamos---NO!  He will always be Jesse from Full House to me.   Rob Lowe?---Getting closer, but he's too pretty.  The only person I can even think of that would touch the character would be John Mayer and he would have to put his singing career on hold.  (They both do like the word napalm.)

I am worrying way too much about people I don't personally know, but it's hard not to.  When they are all over the tv, magazines, and radio, we kind of start feeling like we know them.  We even sometimes start dropping their last names like, "Did you see Charlie's last interview?" or "Boy, Britney really should put her kid in a car seat."  I don't know, it just seems like they clean up pretty fast in Hollywood!


revealedinus2 said...

This what I am referring to when I say at times. The Story of Society! If we would come to gather in agreement of who puts out the Story, and put them in charge then, we the people would see a change according to our desires. There is another Story to be told, one of Truth! Just like Charlie and Brittney millions of people know of them. Not knowing of the heart of the people. We can change the Story that is being told. Those who lie for themselves. Those who judge. Tell a new Story of ones who are peaceful, ones who are honesty, ones who are righteous, joyful, ect... If we could accept in our society this as the core of all teachings, (Responsible, Honesty, Awareness) with in 48 hours almost 80% of our nation would change beyond our wildest beliefs.

thesisterhoodofspiritualsinglemoms said...

That would be an absolute wonderful thing! You have such a good point. It's entertainment at the beginning, but then it quickly turns to how their stories affect others and their families. We don't spend anywhere near enough time just being positive and being supportive. Just driving down the road, in the mall, at the grocery store, there is always so much chaos and a feeling of high energy. I think you are right, peacefulness can be spread around, in the right hands.