Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Every Family Has One

     I think all families have that one "wild and crazy" member.  For us growing up, it was my uncle Eddy.  You could always count on him to make family gatherings fun.  I can't imagine growing up without his personality around.  When I was little he was always holding us upside down, teasing us, and made every kind of face imaginable.  Now that I am older, he always has a blonde joke for me, followed by a dirty joke.  I am one of those blondes that doesn't get offended at the jokes, rather I am a proud blonde and use it as an excuse when I do something really stupid.  Sometimes I just have a blonde day.  Uncle Eddy is still a load of fun!  I can always count on him to find the humor in any situation.

     I have been watching my immediate family looking for our  "wild and crazy" member.  I am the oldest of me and my brother and sister.  Between us, we have 11 kids.  It just occurred to me the other day.........

     I think I haven't found them yet, because it is me.  My brother and sister's kids are still very young and all around the same ages.  Me, being the oldest, my kids are teenagers, so I think I just like to have fun with the "little ones."  I'm not sure that all that fun hasn't helped me label myself as the wild and crazy aunt. 

     This realization came to me one afternoon last week.  My sister just had her baby and it is so funny the things kids notice.  She happens to be a lot more blessed in the chest area after delivery.  Her 18 month old was looking for the built in pillow on mama's stomach she has laid on for the last three months.  My sister is tiny and she never looks pregnant from the back, she is ALL stomach!  My niece was looking for that pillow when she found her mom's new boobs.  She was poking on them and looking at me grinning like "ok, the bump on her tummy moved up and divided."  She was very amazed.  Then, she started looking for mine.....way too high. 

     I don't know why a Barney song came to mind. My youngest is 12 so you would think the Barney "voices" would have left my brain by now.  Maybe it was some kind of flashback. I still think somewhere in the next 20 to 30 years a Barney song is going to come on at one time all over the country and every adult that listened to it as a kid is going to do something crazy.  I really think there are evil subliminal messages in the songs, that's why they get stuck in your head and don't want to leave! (I think I just added to the reasons I may be the crazy aunt.) Anyway, I couldn't help but sing my version of "Do Your Ears Hang Low."  It's pretty much the same old song, I just for some reason substituted boobs for ears. 

    You know, "Do your boobs hang low do they wobble to and fro, Can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow, Can you throw them over your shoulder like a continental soldier, do your boobs hang low?"

     My niece looked at me like she was scared for a moment, my singing usually has that effect on people.

     I don't mind being looked upon as the crazy one.  I absolutely adore my uncle and wouldn't want him to be any other way!  I am so fortunate that all of my family has always lived close to one another.  Growing up, we were always with my dad's brother and sister and my cousins, just like now with me and my brother and sister and our kids.  If I am the one to carry on the legacy of the "wild and crazy" one that is just fine with me!  If my nieces and nephews have as much fun with me and love me as much as I do my uncle then I am happy to take over the title!

"A happy family is but an earlier heaven"  ~George Bernard Shaw


revealedinus2 said...

I enjoyed the way you described your uncle. Having fun with the wonderful way kids see things. That is so fun and eye opening. Awareness that you maybe the fun one in the family. To live, laugh, love. Is a great way to exist. The other ways are not that great. Enjoy life no matter where you are is not only a quest but rather life itself. I enjoy reading about where you are in life. I choose to enjoy all that I come across than any other choice that is offered.
(In everyone I am awear of new excited adventures and new levels of magnificence.)

thesisterhoodofspiritualsinglemoms said...

Thank you! My family is full of characters, but we do have fun! My dad always says this life is a blink of the eye. It is our test for our real life after here. That always reminds me to just try to enjoy life and pay more attention to the most important things, everything else won't matter one day. BUT, it is really hard sometimes! My grandfather always used his saying, "100 years from now we'll never know the difference." He always said that when somebody got worked up over something that really didn't matter.
I appreciate you reading what I write and commenting. You give me a lot to think about, and I really appreciate that. You sound very grounded in your beliefs and definitely philosophical!