Monday, March 21, 2011

"Sister Wives"

     I am kind of embarrassed to say I have watched the show "Sister Wives".  I know it is a way of life for some, and to each his and her and her and her and her own, but I couldn't be a part of that.  The most obvious reason is I think it is gross that these, seemingly intelligent, women "share" a husband.  And they do appear, from what I have seen, to be intelligent and very nice women.  I just don't feel right even watching it, but it is like an accident, you don't want to look and you feel so bad for the people involved, but you have to look.  I feel bad for the kids on the show because they have to be embarrassed.  If they were in a community where this is the norm and that is all they know that is one thing, but now they are kind of reality show celebrities so they have left their own little world.

     The new season just started and they have "come out" about their family dynamic.  The kids are in public schools now so they will soon learn that their way of life is considered different.  There are some things I don't understand about it.  Is there a heirarchy with the wives?   Is the first wife considered "the leader"?       They all seem to do their part and be equal, but the fourth wife that just recently joined the family talks a lot in their interviews. Do you not have to kind of earn your time or are you immediately an equal?  How do they file taxes?  I did a Pro/Con list for being a sister wife:

 ---help with the kids
 ---help with cooking
 ---help with laundry
 ---help with housework (the house they live in is like apartments attached, except for the new one who is a  block away, but they still help one another.)
 ---if you aren't in the mood you can tell him to go to the next bedroom

 ---it's like your husband is having an open affair (some things women just shouldn't share; recipes and        clothes yes, men, no!)
 ---society's attitude about the lifestyle

The husband is all bouncy and happy all the time, but I guess we know why.  (You would think he would be a little more tired though!)

I am trying not to be too judgmental, it is their life, their business, but I just don't understand it.  Also, the husband may think it is great but there are cons to his situation too:

Husband's con's:
 ---4 times pms
 ---at some time 4 times the menopause
 ---having to remember 4 names, birthdays, and anniversaries
 ---What in the world is Valentine's Day like over there?

The money part would be difficult too.  Some of the wives work, but they have A LOT of mouths to feed, clothes to buy, cars to buy, and college tuitions to save for.  On the other hand, there are a lot of hand me downs, a lot of drivers to get everybody where they need to be, a lot of older kids to babysit, and more help with the chores.

Last week the episode was about them coming out nationally.  They went to New York to be on the "Today Show".  They were all, understandably, nervous about the live interview with Meredith Vieira.  It is kind of funny that the husband kept using the metaphor "jumping out of an airplane and not knowing if the parachute works."  He kept saying that over and over like maybe he had thought about it!

I am trying to see their point of view, but I just still think it is weird.  Well, I guess besides the gross part, having other women to share in chores, the husband's bad mood, and in-laws if you don't like yours, it could be okay.  What I would really like to know is when there will be a "Brother Husbands" season premiere!

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