Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Would LOVE Some Help Here

     Being a single mom is hard!  I, in my situation, am 100% responsible for my kids.  I love them more than anything and they have never for one second been or will be a burden.  They are my life.  I don't want anything outside of them.  They are fun, humorous, smart, and very gracious.  They are so good to me and sincerely appreciate what I do for them.  But is is hard!

     I have the guilt of feeling like there isn't enough of me to go around.  The biggest guilt is my back problems and the fact that my WONDERFUL family jumps in and helps out all of the time!  But....I still feel guilty if I cannot do everything and with one of me and an active 3 of them, it is impossible and I know that.

     On top of just everyday needs, I am also responsible financially.  It is hard to be all of those things and the breadwinner.  I have to make sure we are financially set. 

     This is where I could really use some help.  While the real estate business is on a hiatus, I am looking into other things I can do to support me and my kids.  I, in a very unexpected way, found I have a talent for jewelry making.  I LOVE it and it is addictive!  I am in no way a perfectionist when it comes to housekeeping.  As long as it is clean (I am a complete germaphobe), clutter does not bother me.  I have what I call organized clutter.  When it comes to making my jewelry though, I am a complete perfectionist.  If I don't like the way one thing looks, I start over.  I am not a patient person at all, but I am with this.  I know it has to be putting me somewhere in a direction God wants me to go, because it is really amazing that I can do this with all of my spine and arthritis issues.  I starting making things while recovering from my surgery in August.  A really strange thing to do while recovering from that kind of surgery.  My daughter saw something she liked and I thought, I can do that, and I have been addicted ever since!  It is such a good feeling to make something for someone specifically and see how much they love what I have made.  I thought I was making Christmas jewelry for a friend which turned out to be a suprise wedding.  I am still in awe that used my pieces for such a special occassion.  Another friend has asked me to make pieces for her daughter's wedding.  To be a part of such a special day means so VERY much to me!  I truly put my heart and soul into the pieces I make.  I think that is what overrides any discomfort from the physical work.

     I have really gotten into gemstones, especially their healing qualities.  I try to keep up with what is the latest fashion and colors.  What I would love help with is how to get a business going.  I feel like I am a little depleted after making sure the kids are well taken of and I have some really pretty, well-made jewelry that I am not quite sure how to "get out there".  And, I REALLY need to because the longer it stays here the more I want to keep it!  I have someone helping me with a page on facebook and to help me get it on here, but I know there are tricks and steps to get a business going and I would really appreciate any advice or help!

These are just a few of the things I like to make.  I know there are a lot of single mom's out there who have taken the bull by the horns and made a successful business for themselves and their kids.  A success also in knowing you can provide all on your own and the confidence that comes with it.  (I would also love advice from you readers that aren't "single moms"!)


Gail's Personalized Gifts said...

You are doing a great job with your family and with staring a new business. The very best form of advertisement is "word of mouth" and I am sure that your customers are pleased with the jewelry they have purchased from you and will recommend you to their friends and family. You just have to be patient. In all of the classes and workshops I attend, the marketing experts say if we want to "grow" our business we must do the following in this modern social network era: (1.) have a Facebook Fan Page for your business and use FB to help spread the word to your friends and family; (2.) tweet at least 5 times a day; and (3.) publish a blog related to your business and put up a new post at least once a month. See, you are way ahead of the game - so it will just take time to get the word out!!!

Gail Aiken

revealedinus2 said...

As for me my kids are one of the greatest desires of my heart. I went through a divorce in 06. From then on I have not been able to see my kids as much because of the lies. One thought is society has said that the role of a man is to provide. To be there, ect... Though I do not experience the kids as much as I desire I find peace in myself in embracing the very thing I despise.(The lies) The kids believe in me only to find out years later they were lied too. To me this is success! Even not having any money after paying the child support.

I am still not in there lives because the ex believes she should play the role of a man. I am here for the kids, now older they are moving into there lives. Missing the years that was due me and them. Rather than assuming the role of the man in mans eyes. I am living the role of a man in the eyes of GOD now I can see. What is the role of a man in the eyes of God? One answer is: Not speaking of Love but rather embracing suffering and joy, keeping to the CORE of all man, being RESPONSIBLE, HONESTY,and AWARE; Able to LOVE because I have been loved.

thesisterhoodofspiritualsinglemoms said...

God knows where your heart is. Family is everything to me, I can't imagine denying my kids part of their family (whether it is my side or their dads). Having an absent parent changes who you are. But, when it is done through lies, and selfishness, it will definitely backfire. Your kids will respect you "manning" up and they will, as they get older, know where your heart is/was and will have their own relationship with you. You can only be responsible for your relationship with them, no one else, and it doesn't sound like you were in the wrong. It's so important, I think, for kids to understand that they are not responsible for the parent/child relationship, the adult is. They will see the truth, and God knew it all along. I am sorry for your situation. Kids need both parents. It has to affect them along the way if they don't.

~*Lisa*~ said...

Hi! I randomly found your blog. I'm not a single mom. (even though I feel like it sometimes!) Your jewelry is really good and pretty. Have you tried ?? It has become a very popular site to sell vintage, and anything handmade. If you create a fb page you can post links to your etsy page or even here on your blog! Have you created a fb page? Or what are your prices? I'm a jewelry fanatic! =)

thesisterhoodofspiritualsinglemoms said...

Thank you so much for commenting and saying you like my jewelry. I did try etsy, but I didn't have much luck there. There is a lot of competition, really pretty things from more established sellers. I do have someone that is helping me get a fb page going and I am getting it put on here also. I am hoping to have it on here very soon. My fb page is The Lollipop Fence. There are pictures of all my things and prices. Thank you again, I am glad we found each other!