Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Is It Just Me?"

This is totally embarrassing, but is it just me or does everyone else have trouble on the keyboard with words that end in -ful? 

I had a GREAT typing teacher in high school and I type fast and pretty accurately, but sometimes I mess up with words that end in -ful.  I just wonder whose bright idea it was to put the "K" next to the "L"?  Or, was the bad word that I accidentally type sometimes not around when the typewriter was invented?

I am waiting for the horrific moment I send someone a message with the typing error and I don't catch it.  Maybe a message to a teacher, pastor, or anyone I would want to crawl in a hole and die if they saw me make that mistake.

So far so good, I catch it, but I am just waiting.............

Have a wonderfuk day!

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storkdeliveriesbyapril said...

It's so true! I had that same amazing typing teacher (I believe) but still find myself misspelling words in my haste to finish an email. My problem words are 'availability' and 'rates' which I have to type about 200 times a day for work! LOL, the day I hit send with 'rats' instead of 'rates' means trouble!! At least we were taught how to proofread as well :)