Saturday, March 19, 2011

Not Again!

     Let me start by saying that there are so many people with worse health issues than me right now, and I  feel guilty complaining about mine.  A lot of moms (and dads) would love to just have to deal with what I have to do Monday.

     But, I am just so over it already!  I dealt with neck pain for years before I finally had surgery this past August.  WONDERFUL! My only regret is that I didn't find my current doctor/surgeon sooner and had it done way before I did.  I think about all the wasted time I couldn't go to ball games, take my kids places, all because I couldn't move or such outings would leave me unable to move the next day.

     What I want to talk about are these insane things called epidural steroid injections.  I had 5 of them from last April to July.  I don't think you are supposed to have that many in that short of a time.  (Maybe he gave me the placebo injection a couple of times as part of some kind of study.)  The doctor who gave them to me was a super nice guy that tried every effort to fix it before giving me the name/referral and sending me to the wonderful surgeon I have now.  I now have a ruptured disc in my low back that has taken away my ability to do what I need and want to do everyday.  They told me it is hereditary and is something I will probably always deal with.  Darn genes!

     I am diabetic (darn genes again), so the steroids in these injections are not my friend.  The temporary rise in blood sugar is not what bothers me though, it is the sickness that I get after one, which my surgeon says is anxiety.......well, I feel silly, I have no idea why I am anxious.  The 5 shots they give me to numb me I have decided probably hurt more than the actual epidural.  He said 25% of the population has this anxiety about the injections.  My question is where did that research come from and what is wrong with the other 75%?  What are they on when they have it done because I didn't get any. When you are in labor and have pain from contractions, the epidural is a good thing.  You wait on it and want to kiss the anesthesiologist on the mouth when he comes in to give it to you.  Plus, and this is a big one, you get to bring home a sweet little baby.  What do I get after these?  WATER RETENTION like the Hoover Dam.  I get so swollen from these things that I look like I have been eating salt on a stick.  I don't know why in the world I would be anxious!

Let me tell you about the new place I got my last injection from and get to visit again Monday.  Very nice place, but very misleading.  It is in a shopping center called "The Avenue".  We pulled in to a place with all of these really nice shops and restaurants. I am thinking I am going to have to keep my mom with me at all times or I will lose my driver to all the shops. It is beautiful and I could spend hours there, then you pull around to the back, literally.  This office is way in the back after you have seen all the pretty stores.  The office is very nice, it has a spa-like atmosphere, but unless they have a valium drip I am still scared to death.

I go into the room, and sit on the table.  The nice girl says the doctor will be right in.  Then she shuts the eyes go right to the wall next to the door.  Right to the emergency resuscitation steps.  I have a friend who went to this same doctor and he told me he wished he hadn't seen them so I thought, I won't look, but they totally fooled me.  They weren't on a big tacky poster with the words in red, they had them in a pretty little frame on the wall.  I have a feeling whoever put it up paid a lot more attention to the frame than the instructions which is VERY frightening in itself.  Now why in the world would they trick me like that?  My biggest concern is the size.  The instructions are in an 8 x 10 frame.  If I am rendered unconscious by this 50 foot long needle, I want them to be using a billboard size poster with the steps AND pictures.  They are going to have to take this thing down and look at it to be able to READ the steps!  Which means I would have two less hands working on me because they are holding the instructions up for the doctor to see.  I think Monday I will ask if I can go ahead and take it off the wall and hold it up for them while they are giving me the injection just in case.

      I am hoping and praying it works because if not my doctor will do another surgery.  Although, I will have to say, after the results of the last surgery I would be glad to just have it fixed already and get on with what I need and want to do pain free!  We will see how it goes!

These pictures are for those of you who don't know what I am talking about.  It isn't me in the pictures, but it will be Monday.  And to think they tease me with all those shops.  Just cruel!

                                           Photos by Kenneth Jap-A-Joe

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