Thursday, March 31, 2011

Not Quite the Ropers

     I am so blessed to have had and have wonderful grandparents.  My Nana and Papa are still with us and live nearby.  I have a very special relationship with them.  I can always count on them.  Differences in generations can sometimes lead to misunderstandings or disagreements just because of the difference in ages.  I don't have that with them.  Although times are different, I don't think I have ever went to my grandparents that they didn't listen to me and believe in me.  It was the hardest thing to have to tell them that I was getting a divorce, but they simply said they wanted me to be happy, and they trusted me.  If I was doing it I had my reasons and they never questioned it.  I won't ever forget that. My grandmother always worked, but she still believes in the old fashioned "take care of your man" idea.  She says so many times when we are all together and the moms are rushing around trying to fix plates for the kids, that this is not the way it was when she was younger.  When she and my grandfather were a young married couple it was the men who fixed their plates first.  Then, the women would take care of the kids and then they would eat.  She still stops whatever she is doing to take care of my grandfather.  I joked with her one day when we were in the middle of something at the mall and she had to go home to fix my grandfather a sandwich.  I said, "Nana, has he never heard of a drive through?"  She just laughed, and proceeded to go home to fix his sandwich.  Really, though, I should have probably just minded my own business, after all she is married still and I am not, so maybe she knows what she is doing!  It is sweet.  They love each other very much.  When I was younger I always thought it was funny that their names are Helen and Stanley like the Ropers on "Three's Company".  They don't act like them though.  Not to say there aren't days my grandfather purposely turns off his hearing aid.  I never see them argue.  My grandfather teases my grandmother more than anything.  I had some furniture in a sunroom a few years ago and I wanted to turn the room into a study room for the kids so I gave them my furniture.  My grandmother was so excited.  It had bright colors and she couldn't wait to brighten up her den.  After moving the furniture to their place and Nana finally figuring out where she wanted everything my Papa was pooped!  She has a lot of energy for her age.  Her mind is really sharp and she can talk and talk and talk.  It was fun watching how excited she was, but the more she talked the more tired my Papa got.  She kept looking at the ottoman that was also storage space.  She kept saying I can do this and this and this with it.  Well, after about 10 ideas my Papa had one.  He very matter of factly asked her, "Do you think you can fit in it?"  I will never look at that furniture the same again!

     They never miss out on a thing. They are at all the ballgames and anything else my kids and nieces and nephews are involved in. It is a very special relationship they have with my kids.  They are the same age as most of their friends' grandparents so they don't see them as Great Grandparents.  (We all started having kids at an early age in my family.).  I am so blessed me and my kids have them.

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~*Lisa*~ said...

Wow, how cool is that?! I never got to know my grandparents. Three of them passed away before I was born and my grandpa died when I was three. My mom's best friend's (2nd mom to me) mom watched me since I was a baby and I considered her a gma to me. She taught me how to bake and instilled many values in me that I still use today. You are def. blessed and I'm jealous! I'm just glad that my boys have all their grandparents still. Family means the world to me.
Oh and I "liked" your fb page! You're jewelry is awesome! I love your ideas, and it's modern but unique! =)