Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Sister Wives Take Two" (or three or four or....)

     Ok, I have a couple more things to say about this show.  I watched episode 1 that was on a week ago, Sunday night and recorded episode 2 that was on this past Sunday night and watched it yesterday.  I have a feeling we don't have the entire story.

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     The wives got into a polygamist relationship with different backgrounds.  Some grew up in this environment and their families weren't upset with their decision.  Janelle has said that when she decided to become Kody's 2nd wife her family disowned her.

     The second episode showed the whole family going to Kody's parents' farm to get away from things before they went national about their family.  They talked about his parents, but there was always another woman with his mom. I also kept hearing things said about Janelle's mother.  They let us in on something else.  When Janelle decided she wanted to marry Kody, her whole family disowned her, except her mom.  She went with Janelle to meet Kody's parents.  Well......she saw that his dad was a polygamist and decided she would like that for herself.  Janelle's mom married Kody's dad six months before Janelle and Kody were married.  This means Janelle and Kody were step brother and sister when they married.  This whole new dynamic is more than confusing!  They are step brother and sister AND husband and wife #2.  Her kids with him and his kids with the other wives are siblings AND step cousins.  I think I got that right!

This whole thing has gotten a little more interesting and I can't help but wait in anticipation of what else we will find out.  How does he keep it all straight?  You know he has to confuse their names.  Maybe he calls them by number which is unfortunate for the second wife.  I wouldn't want to be called #2, would you?  I am seriously worried about my morals and my intrigue with this.  It is just so strange and I want to make some kind of sense out of it, but they are making it REALLY difficult!  There has been an investigation since the family came out and there may be bigamy charges.  Good luck to the investigators in figuring all of this out!  Can you imagine the board they will have going like they do on shows like "Without A Trace" and "Law and Order Special Victims Unit".

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I did find some of their recipes online.
I have listed some of the ones that are somewhat appropriate for this family.

1.  Soda Cracker Suprise Toffee
                (Somebody is always pregnant, maybe they got creative with the soda crackers for morning sickness)

2.  Big Pancake  (I guess they share that too.)

3.  Whatever You Want Roll Ups  (I bet they make that a lot.) 

4.  Standby Hamburger Soup  (This just sounds lonely and cold!)

5.  One Pot Spaghetti  (This one is too easy!  Has anybody seen a hot tub around?)

6.  My Friend's Amazing Pumpkin Pie Cake
            (Hmmmmm, this is Janelle's friend's recipe.  Wonder if he will be courting a 5th soon?)

I am not joking about these, you can find them on:

I think this is all I have to say about this show....until next week's episode.  What do you think about it?

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