Wednesday, March 30, 2011

They Can't Be Serious!

What in the world?  I am all for trying to find a match of your own faith, values, and beliefs, but this is a little too much.  I would think it would be the other way around.  Maybe, give up your dating/social life for Lent.

                                                                catholic match

Can you believe these were once ads?

Maybe the advertising world hasn't always made the best decisions.   These ads are just a few examples.

     Another ad that so many people find disturbing right now is Abercrombie & Fitch for padded bikini tops for young girls.  Good Morning America reported that their facebook page was flooded with comments against these tops.  The controversy is that they are for young girls around the age of 8 years old.  I think it is sick.  There are tons of negative messages this is sending to girls.  Their bodies haven't even had a chance to develop yet. They still have baby teeth to lose. It tells them they are not acceptable unless they look a certain way, but there is another reason I find these tops unacceptable.  There are so many women right now fighting breast cancer or are breast cancer survivors.  These strong women have daughters, granddaughters, nieces,etc.  I think it is disrespectful to put the idea in a young girl's mind that this part of her body's "perfect appearance" is so important. So many young girls may have had women they know go through mastectomies. Many women who have faced breast cancer may have spread their genetic predisposition down to females in their family.  These girls are going to grow up self conscious enough and with the fear that one day their breasts may take them from their own family.  These tops are only going to add to insecurities and I think that is shameful.

What is your opinion?


Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Oh my goodness... I can not believe those ads! They are crazy! lol As for the padded bikini tops for young girls... I think it is just sad. There are so much to worry about as a young girl the way it is. Now they are going to worry about this? I can not even believe enough people thought it was a good enough idea to make it to the store shelves. YUK!

thesisterhoodofspiritualsinglemoms said...

I agree! It makes me wonder what went on when that idea was brought up and then went through with! Thank you so much for commenting!

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