Tuesday, March 15, 2011

When the heck is Spring Break?

     When the heck is Spring Break?  (I'm just joking, I know exactly how many days it is.)  I am not a very big winter person, but after this year I am completely over cold and snow.  We don't get much down here, so it is fun when we get what would be considered a dusting up north.  The kind that leaves every grocery store with no bread, eggs, and milk.  We do make sandwiches, the eggs are not as necessary, but the milk..............I am THE one in charge of the homemade hot chocolate and I can't make it as fast as these kids can drink it!  They end up on a chocolate high.  I always get tickled at one that comes back in and says, "I'll have just one more."  Of course I have to tell him to be careful walking home.

     My idea of a fun snow day is just that, 1 day.  We had an entire week of snow, no school, nothing.  We aren't prepared for the amount of snow we got in January so everybody was just STUCK.  It was way too soon after Christmas break, so the kids had enjoyed their new things, and didn't need the break from school again just yet. 

     Now, the weather just keeps messing with us down here.  We always think we are in Spring and here comes another cold spell.  We have what older people call "blackberry winter."  Evidently it has to be 80 degrees one day and 20 degrees the next for blackberries to grow around here. After that, I always know we are good to go!  Bring on the pool, suntan lotion, MaRGAriTa's (that's how I type after a couple), and warm, sunny weather.  Don't get me wrong, I am never ready to go bathing suit shopping nor lose any clothing and places to cover up. But, I don't have a choice down here if  I want to enjoy the outdoors.

photo by allrose18

     It gets H.O.T. down here, and you don't really care what's hanging out or flailing about when it is 102 degrees.  I am so glad my mom has a pool in her backyard.  I don't care how you do it,  you cannot jump up out of a lounge chair gracefully when you see one of your kids struggling in the water.  I love to swim and that means getting my whole head wet.  Not particularly a good look either.  But we do have fun.  It's hard packing everybody's family up and going somewhere for Spring Break.  We have a staycation at my mom's, which means she has no "cation" at all!  We have mall trips, cookouts, pool parties, and sleepovers.  Whatever we can fit into a week of no school and everything to help us make it to summer vacation!  Oh, and, until we can get those yummy "specially grown" blackberries!                       

photo by d10n2000

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