Thursday, April 28, 2011

God Is The Only Real Weatherman

     I don't know what to say today but, God, please bless those who lost loved ones and/or their homes in the storms last night. 

     I am not fond of thunderstorms at all.  My niece, Skylar, (the one that is named after me and a whole lot like me) is terrified of them too.  It's not a pretty little Spring rain watering all the new flowers when it destroys all that is in its path.  I have to believe God is trying to get our attention lately.  We have had so many "natural" disasters, but I think God is trying to tell us something.......BEHAVE AND BE GOOD TO EACH OTHER!

     My sister's mother in law was with my niece one day when there was a bad thunderstorm and Skylar must have freaked on her, but her response (a really good one) was, "Angels are just moving furniture in heaven."  I had heard angels are bowling, but this must have made more sense because Skylar later repeated it to us.

     I think all of these natural disasters are God's way of showing us who really is in control.  We have so much media and ways of knowing what is going on right now anywhere on earth, but we can't control earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, and hurricanes.  I was in Daytona Beach one year and we had a really bad storm come up one afternoon.  I was inside and saw lightning strike the ocean.  It was an eerie sight.

     All of the men in my family have always golfed and have always been aware of how fast lightning can occur, especially when out on a golf course, surrounded by trees, and holding a metal stick.  I think I have always been so scared of it because I was always told it can happen so suddenly.  My dad has always said, "you better get out of the pool, off the beach, or go back inside because lightning can come out of that cloud."  I guess all those years golfing he has learned what clouds look dangerous.

     That's the thing about the weather.  We have all this new technology and we can predict what might happen, but only God knows what WILL happen.  It seems funny to me now the way the meteorologists on tv talk about thunderstorms.  For as long as I can remember, a tornado watch meant the conditions are right for a tornado.  A tornado warning meant that an actual tornado had been spotted.  Now, they have models, computers, numbers, and radars that are supposed to tell us exactly where and when there is a tornado, but they don't.  We have ways of being much more informed and alerted a lot more quickly, but as much as I love Ken Cook (long time local meteorologist) and trust his forecasts, not even he knows exactly when and where disaster is going to occur.

     A lot has happened around the world lately with disastrous events.  The last time I looked, the number of deaths that occured because of these storms is up to a number like that of an airplane crashing killing so many.  I think we need to pay attention and change some things or God is only going to "talk" louder and louder.  In the end, He is the boss and we better start paying attention.


~*Lisa*~ said...

When I was younger I was terrified of storms. But as I grew up I started loving them. I loved standing on my front porch and watching the lightening. It scares me, but it's so pretty to me.
You're right though, no one or machine can predict when a tornado will touch down. That is in God's hands. I guess that's why I find it so beautiful and devastating. Devastating to see homes destroyed, and people killed. But to witness a tornado or a true thunderstorm is beautiful to know that He created it, our magic of nature and what it can do. It shows that we can't stop things from happening but that we have to trust in God and love others!

thesisterhoodofspiritualsinglemoms said...

You are right, it is devastating but there is an "awe" or "awesomeness" along with it. It's amazing that so many things have to come together to create such storms. Maybe that is why He made them. To prove there has to be a higher being to create that and for us to take notice of what He can do. I always look forward to hearing from you!