Monday, April 11, 2011

"I Don't Like This Number!"

     You know how sometimes numbers just seem to follow you?  Like you pump your gas on pump 5, then you take money out of the ATM and it is all in 5's.  Then maybe later on, there are 5 squirrels in your yard, you know what I am saying.  Those days maybe it is just strange coincidences and maybe you just notice more that particular day.  Well I just noticed my number of friends on facebook is 666.  That ain't good any time, any day.  I don't want that number following me anywhere.  I don't want to de-friend anybody because then it will sometime get back to that number and besides that I just don't want to lose a facebook friend.  I just sent a big "please" for somebody to get somebody to send me a friend request so I can get off that number.

     I think I kind of panicked and didn't quite think it through, I just saw the number and shot out the message on my status.  Now that I have sent that out I am just stuck waiting because, now I can't request someone or they will think I did it just to get off that number.  If somebody sends me one, they are helping me out, if I send one now I am sending a big 'ol insult along with it.  It is Monday, and I should be rested from Spring Break, but I am not and I have tons of things going on, so I will fight the devil if I have to this week, but hopefully I can get away from that number SOON.

                                          Photo by Justin Marty

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~*Lisa*~ said...

haha I'd add you? Trust me, I KNOW! I freak out when ever I see that number. If I'm at the store and my total comes to 6.66 or 66.6 i have to add something to make it NOT that number. When we were in the hospital, i went in on 06.06.09...and all i could think was that if you turn the 9 upside down its a 6! then when they were born they were given id's had the three 6's in it...i was like seriously?! I'm glad I'm not the only one with number "issues"! =)