Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's Easter Time!

     We have a lot of mourning doves around my house.  I have a door and a small porch off of a sunroom and this is about the 5th year we have had doves nest on the top of the columns on the porch.  It is a lot of fun to watch.  We have a transom window above the door so we can stand in the sunroom and clearly see the nest and what is going on.  After the chicks are born and the family moves out of the nest, about three weeks later either that same mommy and daddy dove come back or another couple take the nest and have another round of chicks.  The second time they do look a little different, but maybe the mama didn't have time to get rid of the baby weight from the first brood.  (haha) 

     We have gotten where we are used to them coming back every year and look forward to it.  The columns they nest on are white and they make a total mess out of them and on the porch, but we just leave them alone and let them do what God put them here to do.

     I have been hearing a sound for over a year and it has bugged me to death not knowing what it is.  I hear it off and on during the day, and sometimes night, but can't see where or what it is coming from.  It sounds like a coo,woo,ooo,ooo owl type of sound, but I hear it a lot during the day.  I was looking up to see what the doves were called and I was just interested in them in general, and found they are what is making that sound.  It is a mating call.  (I guess it works since I have two rounds of chicks that I know of.  I think we have another nest in a tree by the garage, but it is hard to see now with all of the leaves.)  These are really pretty, and interesting birds.

     It's funny how we just get used to things and almost expect them to happen.  I have been looking for the birds because I knew it was time for them.  We do enjoy them and don't really take for granted that they are there.  My nieces and nephews like to see them too.  We watch and wait for the babies and then before long, they are gone.  The second round isn't as interesting as the first, but I still look when passing by the window.

     It's kind of funny that they symbolize peace and they arrive at the time things are so crazy and hectic getting towards the end of school.  They are very peaceful looking.  I always take a second to stop and look at them.  I can't stop and smell the roses because of my allergies, but I can stop and watch the birds!

     I am not a person who likes change so it is comforting when things like this occur time and time again.  We are getting ready for Easter this weekend.  It is really late this year, but all the signs of Spring are here and we know it is Easter time.   It is special that the doves appear at this time.  It makes me think of Jesus' Baptism.  Some of the symbolism with doves are peace, love, and the Holy Spirit. This is an image I think of with doves and Jesus.  The doves, to me, also symbolize rebirth and a new beginning, just as Jesus was resurrected, in Spring there is new growth and a new beginning after a long "dead" winter.




      We all have our traditions and things we do for Easter.  Sometimes, we don't really think about it but just do what we always do at this time of year because that is the way it has always been done.  In those traditions, we stop and focus on what Easter really means.  We always know that Jesus suffered and died for us, but it is this time of the year that we really think about it and what it means.  The bloodstone beads I have are a reminder.  The history behind them are that of the crucifixion and Jesus' blood.  When I look at them, the red does look like splattered blood,  I hold them in my hand and think about the ground beneath Jesus and that his blood did splatter as he suffered for us.

     It's like the first round of baby chicks, I watch them closely, and pay a lot of attention to them.  After that, I know the second round is there and it is just as special as the first, but I don't pay as much attention.  I focus so much on what Jesus did for us at Easter, and even though I know it the rest of the year, I don't seem to "pay as much attention" the rest of the time as I should.  Just like the birds give me a sense of peace as I pass by, knowing what Jesus did for us and that we are always loved and forgiven because of it, gives me a great sense of peace. 

     I always leave their nest alone.  I know they will be back and I don't want to bother anything.  I do, however, notice it at times and that it is empty, but I know the emptiness is only temporary.  If I am ever having a hard time, or need that sense of peace,  I think I will look at that nest differently from now on and know that the one thing I can count on that will never change is God's forgiveness and love for all of us.  I can expect it, because it will be always be there. As a mom with kids getting older too fast, that is one thing that will never change!

*****      I don't really know what this means, or how I should feel about it or take it, but as I was typing this Jehova's Witness came to my door.  Is somebody trying to tell me something?!

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