Friday, April 22, 2011

Macalister's Birthday

Today is my sweet little nephew's birthday.  Macalister is 4 today.  He is PRECIOUS!  I am close to all my niece and nephews, but I am particularly close to him.  When he was about 5 weeks old, his 2 year old sister at the time, scared us to death.  She had a series of seizures in one day that almost took her from us.  We really thought we lost her that day.  I don't ever want to feel like that again and I don't want to ever see my sister that scared again.  She is okay now, but it was a really rough couples of weeks when it all happened.  I spent even more than normal time with Macalister because he was a newborn and Skylar was in the hospital for a few days.  She ended up getting her tonsils and adenoids taken out.  They were blocking her breathing and, at that time, they thought it might have triggered the seizures so it was kind of an emergency surgery.  I was there at the hospital with my sister while Skylar was in surgery and I held Macalister from the time my sister went back with Skylar until she was out of surgery and my sister could go back and check on her.  She had several dr.s visits after that so I was with Macalister a lot.

We have just kind of had a special little bond since then.  When he was learning everbody's names and starting to say them, I, of course, wanted him to say mine.  He likes to tease me because he knows he can and he knows I won't get mad at him at all.  I kept trying to get him to say my name and every time he would say "Birthday!"  I knew he was smart, but he showed us just how smart he is.  I, on the other hand, have lost a few brain cells from having 3 kids too close together and the 2 years I spent at the University of Georgia, so it took me a few times to catch on.  We had just had a birthday, we have so many kids somebody is ALWAYS having a birthday, so I didn't realize what he was doing at first then it hit me.........His birthday is in April.  I can see where he would be confused with my name being April, the same as his birth month!  Then, just to tease me, he kept calling me the wrong name.  I started calling him Skylar and it didn't take him long to quit teasing me and he has called me the right name since!

He is really into Power Rangers right now.  They are a lot more limited in toys for it now than when my son loved them a few years ago.  I am the only one giving him Power Ranger toys today so I think he will love me even more after opening his gifts.

     You can't see his sweet little face, but I love this picture.  He gives me the best hugs and kisses!

     I am not a computer wizard AT ALL.  You really have to watch those youtube videos.  He was at my house a few weeks ago and I was on my computer and he wanted to play on it so we looked up Power Ranger clips from their show on youtube.  Well.... the first 2 or 3 were fine, but I clicked on one and it was the show but not their voices.  It had some guys saying REALLY bad words and of course I couldn't turn it off fast enough.  I am just waiting for the day he is playing at home, in his little Power Ranger world, fighting an imaginary person and says "take this M.... F....."  NOT GOOD!  I have somehow managed to "forget" to tell my sister that happened.  If you are reading this, sorry, Amanda!  I am sure something like that has happened with her and one of mine at some time that I don't know about. 

     Speaking of computers, he cracks me up calling his dad's computer the "pooter."  I went over one day to show my sister something and he informed me, "my daddy's pooter doesn't work." 

Happy Birthday, my sweet Macalister!

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