Friday, April 15, 2011

My Big Surfing Adventure

        I commented on something the other day talking about a T shirt I have had for 20 years.  My grandmother and aunt went with a friend of their's to Key West and they brought me back a T shirt with sharks on it and part of the chorus to Jimmy Buffet's "Fins".  It's funny how certain things can hold so much sentimental value.  Maybe I have Jimmy Buffet on the brain because it has finally felt like Spring around here and his music makes me think of the beach.

                                                Photo by ajimmybuffetfan


         I was also reminded last week about a surfing adventure with my cousin.  We were in Daytona Beach and I was about 14 and my cousin that is a little older than me decided he wanted to go surfing.  I have always looked up to him (still do!) and I was more than willing to go give it a try with him.  We got up really early one morning and went to one of the surf shops to rent a surfboard. 

     This was back when I was a little bitty thing.  I am only 5'3, but at that time I only weighed about 100 pounds.  I had a really hard time handling my board.  They should have a sign above them saying objects (surfboards) are a lot larger and heavier than they appear way out in the ocean.  After what seemed like forever, we got our boards out on the beach. 

     I have worn contacts forever.  This was way before extended wear, you just had one pair, no back ups.  If something happened you were just out of luck until you could get to the eye doctor and get another pair.  I had taken my contacts out and, of course, I couldn't wear my glasses in the ocean. 

     Well, maybe I need to try surfing again now that I am a bigger girl.  (Not older, bigger)  Robbie was doing pretty well, he could paddle all the way out, I however, could not.  Every durn time I got out a little a wave would come and I would lose the grip on my board.   Now, they had velcro "leashes" you put on your ankles I am guessing so you could  keep up with your board.  Keeping up with the board wasn't a problem for me.  Every time that wave would hit me, my board would go toward the shore with me being pulled by my ankle behind it.  I don't think I ever made it out to Robbie once. 

        Then, I saw something in the water.  I tried to tell him, but I guess he thought I wasn't very reliable because I didn't have my "eyes" in.  I kept trying to talk him into getting out of the water, but he was making progress so he wanted to keep trying.  I on the other hand, was completely worn out from playing follow the leader with my board. 

     Well, my eyes are not the best, but a little while after I saw something they called people out of the water to let a school of manatees go by.  They are also called sea cows because they are about the size of cows.  How bad would I have freaked if I came face to face with one of those. Even a blurry vision of one of those would have scared me to death!  I do believe they could probably drown you by just bumping into you and you getting tangled up by a herd of them. 

     That ended our surfing adventure and we took our boards back to the shop.  I never made it out very far, and I am not sure how many times Robbie made it onto his board.  I had my back to him the whole time being drug back to shore by my board.  But, we had a fun adventure that we STILL laugh about today!
        (On our road trip down on that vacation, we had to stop at a hotel and we hadn't planned on that.  We kept calling it the roach motel.  I don't think any of us slept.  We just kept our clothes on and prayed for morning.  I, however, woke up to something grabbing my foot.  I jumped up screaming thinking it was a was Robbie!  I always wanted an older brother, when Robbie was around, I had one!)

                             Photo by mikebaird                                             
  I don't know who these guys are or how old they are, but they are doing WAY better than me and Robbie did!

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