Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Russel Stover's Jelly Beans

     Remember when Russell Stover's Jelly Beans were just for Easter.  My grandmother, Betty, loved them.  When I was little,  I remember her getting so excited when they came out at Easter and we would go all the way to the Russell Stover's store near Atlanta to get them.  Back then, though, we had to go to Atlanta for almost everything.  My kids think I am joking with them when I tell them how far I had to go to get to a mall.  You didn't just run to the mall to pick up something, it was a planned all day event.  My mom and sister love shopping, I do not.  I go in, find what will be just fine, and I am ready to go.  Those were the LONGEST Saturdays.  I remember finding places to sit and wait all day long. I think that is where my love for psychology came from.  All those times sitting and watching people. I still don't really like to shop.  That may be one of the best things my boys love about me.  I am as ready to get it and go as they are.  My daughter though, usually goes with my mom and sister to the mall.  She can hang with them and likes to stay as long as they do, so that is her bonding time with my mom and sister.

 They have those Jelly Beans in stores, but they just don't taste like they used to when we would wait months for them and drive to get them fresh. I remember getting the "bird's nest" coconut candies with the jelly beans on them as the eggs.  Wonder what happened to all of those?  If everybody else is like me, they ate the jelly beans, tried one more time to like the nest and then threw it away. I love coconut, but I could not love those.  Maybe it was because of the green color. Maybe they are in some landfill of just those and fruitcakes and yule logs from Christmas. What a waste of perfectly good sugar.

 Jelly Beans are my favorite candy. I think all those times getting them with my grandmother is probaby why they are my favorite!  I bought some of the Russell Stover's sugar free kind the other day.  "Yipeeeee!"  (You can't hear me but that was a REALLY sarcastic yipee!) 

What is your favorite candy/candy memory?

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