Tuesday, April 12, 2011

That's How They Roll

     I wrote about my dad the other day.  He is definitely a character, but he is so because he is just like his dad and grandfather.  They were both characters too.  My dad's father more so.  My dad spent a lot of time with his grandfather.  He rode around with him and learned a lot from him.  My dad has always been in real estate like his grandfather, and he learned so much from him.  One of his favorite stories is one time they stopped at a store and for some reason, a young girl parked next to them flipped his grandfather the bird.  Well, he had no idea what she meant.  This was at least 40 years ago.  My dad said, "Pop, tell her you ain't got time".  He turned right around to the girl and said "I ain't got time, hun."  My grandfather always did that.  He put the hun at the end of everything he said to a woman.  It was just in that time and generation.  I like it.  It is endearing, even if it is at the end of a comeback.  Men can't say that anymore, it can be taken the wrong way.  What a shame.
     My dad's grandfather passed away when I was really little, so I don't really remember him.  But, if you find somebody (and there are still a lot around) in our town that knew him, they more than likely have a story.  Same thing with my grandfather.  Everybody that knew him has some kind of story to tell.  I really miss him a lot.  My dad got a lot of his teasing and sense of humor from him.  I am just scratching the surface of both of them.  I have SO many stories to tell.  There is one I find really funny about my grandfather.  He was a big golfer.  My dad and brother are too.  Golfing has always been a big part of his, my dad, and brother's life.  Years ago at a golf course we were members at, my dad and grandfather had been playing all day and went in to the clubhouse for dinner.  My grandfather had his eye on a cocount pie.  It was really late and the restaurant wasn't far from closing.  My grandfather asked the waitress if he could just buy the whole pie to take it home.  She was a little snotty to him and said, "No, what if somebody else comes in a wants a slice?"  My grandfather pointed out to her the time and that it was unlikely that anybody else would even come into the restaurant.  He didn't much care for her attitude.  A little bit later, the golf pro came by their table and asked if everything was okay.  My granddad told him about wanting to buy the pie and what the waitress had told him.  Well, the golf pro helped him out and the waitress didn't like it, but she had to sell him the pie.  He went to pay for his dinner and pie and the waitress gave it to him, still unhappy about it.  After paying, he looked at her, threw it in the garbage right in front of her and said "You can keep your damned 'ol pie."  That's how my dad rolls too.  He is the nicest, most giving, just good person, but don't mess with him.  Like I said, I have many, many, many stories about these men in my family.

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