Saturday, April 30, 2011

This Hat Is Giving Me A "Royal" Headache

     I am not a real fashion sense kind of girl.  I know what I like, but I don't keep up with trends or have to go get the latest styles.  T-shirts, jeans, or sweats is more my style!  If it isn't comfortable, you won't see me wear it often.  It is interesting, though, seeing the fashions from the Royal Wedding.  I am not a big hat person either!  If I have a bad hair day, I use a headband.  I don't think I have ever looked right in a hat at all!  So, if for some reason I had gotten invited to the big wedding and had to wear one of those hats, I would have had to either RSVP'd I wouldn't be attending, or gotten really drunk to show up in one of those art pieces the women wore.  I hope the seats were somewhat elevated like in the movie theater or anyone past the first row didn't see a thing over all the hats.  Here are photos of a few:

                           I would have felt lopsided with this one all day.


                          Anybody missing a satellite dish?

                           You don't want to be standing in front of  her if she bends over.

                      It's always nice to have a weapon at the Royal Wedding.

         These girls must have taken my cue.  They MUST be drunk.
         The one on the right is just disturbing.

                        There is such a thing as being TOO color coordinated.

                     "Just don't talk to me.  I have a headache and it hurts to turn my head."


                     Must be more drunk girls on the prowl for Harry.

     It was a really sweet wedding though.  I liked the comments William made to Kate when she made it down to him.  It is tradition for him to not look at her until she gets to him. He just seems like such a normal person in such a fairy tale world.  I really like her too.  I hope she doesn't have all the heartache Princess Di had.  I think she is off to a much better start because Prince William seems to be a wonderful, considerate man.  He seems a lot more like his mother than father.  I hope they let her be who she is.  That is who William fell in love with and she seems just fine the way she is.  I am confused though, why she will now be Catherine.  I don't know how many people will call her that since she has been known as Kate for so long.  I hope this isn't a sign of the Queen already trying to change her.  She will seem so much more relatable going by Kate than the proper Catherine.  Princess Diana was referred to so many times at Princess Di.  I don't think the Catherine thing will work much for the media.

     Her dress was beautiful.  I loved the lace and the style.  I am glad she wore a more modern look.  The V-neck probably had to be approved by the Queen, but she is a young girl and if she had been marrying anyone else she would have probably wanted a neckline like that.  I am glad she didn't look too "proper".

     All "Royalness" aside, they are a young couple starting a new life together.  I don't think I am alone in praying for the best for the two of them.  I am sure it is something that just I can see, but I am partial to William because he reminds me of my brother.  I may be the only one who sees the similarity in looks, but there are other things in character and personality that when I see Prince William in the media it reminds me of my sweet brother, Ty.  

                                         He is such a great dad!
                                        (My twin nephews.)

                                               Ty with my sweet niece.

                           Ty, and my sister in law, Bethany. 
                           (Maybe there is a little resemblance in her and Kate!)

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