Thursday, April 7, 2011

Truck and Duck

     My dad is one of the funniest people you will ever meet.  He loves to tease, aggravate, and play jokes on people.  He is the middle child and was always the one getting into things.  He is so much fun though.  We have always lived in what used to be a really small town.  Everybody knew everybody.  It is a lot bigger now, but there are still a lot of people around who have generations of family that grew up here.  My dad is a really good man.  He's one of those people that everybody just likes and has a lot of respect for.  I always talk about how close our family is and it is because my mom and dad have always been close to their families.  My dad was very close to his grandfather.  He called him "Pop" and that is now what his grandkids call him.  And they all absolutely LOVE him. 

     I could easily write a book about his sense of humor and practical jokes.  We used to have a really big curve on Main Street right past our church.  My dad was riding home from church with a friend of his when he was a young boy and he was in the front seat between his friend and the friend's mom.  When they came to that curve and the mom was getting ready to brake, he decided to slide his foot right on over to the accelerator and hit it, looking straight ahead like he had no idea what happened.  I am sure it scared the poor woman to death!

     Being the middle child, he has always enjoyed aggravating his older brother and younger sister.  His brother had a pick up truck when they were teenagers and my dad thought it was really funny to sit next to the door, putting his brother and his brother's friend next to each other.  Every time they would pass a car, he would duck so it looked like my uncle and his friend were sitting too close together!  Back then, it was really embarrassing, because you usually knew anybody you would pass.

     When my aunt was little, she would be in the floor playing and building things with blocks and other toys and my dad would run by her and knock it, and her, down. She was a fast learner though.  To get him back, she would slap her hands and yell, "Tim hit me!"  Then, he would get into trouble.

     He absolutely loves to tease my kids.  When my youngest was about two, my dad did the trick where you tear up bits of paper and put it in your hand and cough letting the paper fly out of your hand like chicken feathers.  He did that making Stratton think he coughed up feathers after eating his chicken.  That child would NOT eat chicken, or pretty much any meat after that day for years!  He has just in the last two or three years (he is 12 1/2) starting eating it regularly and he won't eat much red meat at all.

     When Stratton was around 4, my mom and dad took me and my kids and my brother and sister and their spouses to a very nice restaurant in Atlanta.  It was so much fun, we got all dressed up, had a little room to ourselves and had a great meal.  The name of the restaurant is Bones and those of you who know it know what a treat that was for my parents to take all of us there.  Well, not long after we had been sitting there, I noticed Stratton squirming in his seat kind of trying to bring his legs up into the chair.  Well, this being the perfect opportunity to teach them proper table manners I demanded to know why he was doing this.  He kept looking at my dad. Well, I should have known not to put them side by side.  Dad told him that midgets lived under the tables in the restaurant and if you weren't careful they would bite your knees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What in the world made him think of that I don't know, but we still laugh about that today!

     He likes to tease all of his grandchildren, but Stratton is the one that is most like him.  He has his personality, mannerisms, and sense of humor.  I will tell Stratton to do something and he will turn around and yell at his brother,Shane, and say, "Mama said for you to do......"  Stratton and my dad are so much alike and when I see those two putting their heads together it is really scary and we have NO idea what will happen next!

     My dad is as loyal as he is funny.  He makes life funny and he keeps you on your on toes, but he is the best dad in the world.  I have never felt in my whole life like I couldn't depend on him.  He is there no matter what.  He makes life fun for sure, but I couldn't have asked for a better dad and I sure couldn't have asked for a better grandfather for my kids!  They are truly blessed!

Stay tuned, I have A LOT of characters in my family and this is just the beginning of stories about my dad and I haven't begun to tell you about some of my other family members!


Buckeroomama said...

Your dad sounds like such a fun guy! Your children are very blessed. :)

I'm still laughing, though, at what your aunt used to (i.e., slap her hands together and say that her brother hit her) --too funny!

thesisterhoodofspiritualsinglemoms said...

Thank you! He is a lot of fun, and a big 'ol sweetheart at the same time! I guess growing up with two older brothers my aunt learned how to adapt really fast! She (and my uncle) has a really good sense of humor too. We have had some really good times together.