Thursday, May 26, 2011

"I'll Be Baaack" ~ uh, no, Maria says you won't!

     Arnold Schwarzenegger. Who would have thunk?  I haven't said anything about this because it is really none of my business, but I am disappointed.  To be honest, I didn't think he was smart enough to hide it from her because she is way smarter than he is.  But, I know from experience smartness doesn't count.  It's not who is the smartest but who is the sneakiest.

     I feel bad even talking about it because it is a personal family issue.  My thoughts on it are this.  She is a big girl.  He did her like crap, but she is a very strong, smart lady and she will be just fine.  The problem I have is with the kids.

     I honestly believe that you can be a terrible spouse and still be a good parent.  To an extent.  A man and woman may not get along anymore, they may grow apart, and they may not be as good as they should to each other, but it doesn't mean they can't be good to their kids.

     My problem is that this situation didn't just affect Maria because there is a child involved.  Him cheating would have been bad, but there again, that is between husband and wife.  I feel like this situation is a little different because I am looking at it from his kids' perspective.  They have to feel lied to.  He has hid a child all this time.  I would think things would be going through their heads like, this is a sibling we don't even know, how can he be with us and not acknowledge another child, if he was ashamed of this child could he ever become ashamed of me.  That is my opinion on the subject.  This has become not only a problem between husband and wife but it has opened up a lot of trust issues for his kids. 

     For someone who is known as this complete badass in the movies, he is a coward in real life.  The focus is on his kids he has with Maria, but I would think a therapist would have his/her work cut out for him with his illigetimate child.  I am disappointed.  This happens all the time to families and it is always the kids who suffer in the end.  That is why it is as selfish as cowardly.  Adults can pick up the pieces and move on, but although kids are resilient, it is a cruel way to have to grow up.

I don't know about Maria, but I want a smart guy in the future.  That dumb stuff is cute for a VERY short time!

The Last Day of School

Yay!  Yippee!  Hooray!

     Today is the last day of school!  The kids will miss their friends and teachers, but we are so ready to not have a 6:00 am alarm clock.  We are not morning people.  If school started at 10:00 am, we would be much happier people!

     This is the point of school where everybody is exhausted, tired of the routine, and ready for a break.  Teachers included!  They work so hard all year for so little pay and they need the summer break to rest and refresh themselves for the next school year.  I do believe teaching is a calling.  It takes so much patience and you have to have faith and believe in God to get you through it!  Sometimes more so because of the parents than students!  (Although I have been home with kids, teaching is my college degree, can you tell?)  That, and my kids had a GREAT group of teachers this year that we will miss.

     I have to go get ready for all the things going on today, but the last day is always a fun day.  My middle child is graduating from 8th grade this morning.  I told him when he was getting ready I feel old because next year I will have 2 high school kids.  He is sweet, he said, "you're not old."  I would like him to convince my body and scattered brain that!

     I am sure I will be a little frazzled all day because all 3 kids are in different directions.  We have been scrambling around all week using what is left for school lunch and supplies.  I just met my sister at the fence with sandwich bags for her kids.  I am the street Kroger.  I don't know why I have so much stuff.  Anybody needs something they forgot at the store and they call me.  My mom came over one day when I wasn't home and got coconut for a cake.  I didn't even remember buying coconut!  I must have been going to make something and didn't get around to it.  My nieces and nephews shop when they come over.  They get a snack and go upstairs to the bonus room and take a toy that my kids have outgrown home with them.  Whatever keeps them coming over!

     I am going to go enjoy this last day and know by this afternoon I will be able to have my kids back with me for a little while before it starts all over again!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Until We Meet Again"

     I just watched the last "Oprah."  I can't say I watched her say goodbye because she said she wasn't going to say goodbye, but "until we meet again."  My grandfather, Tom Ed, used to say that.  Although Oprah's was endearing and sweet, when my grandfather said it the person he said it to might want to run.  His use of the phrase meant "When I see you again, you won't like it."  He was such a funny character.  He was a good man and would help anybody in need.  But, if you did something wrong to him or anyone in his family you were in for it! 

     Me laughing at the end of "Oprah" wasn't the response I expected.  I didn't watch her show everyday but I enjoyed watching it when I did.  She had really good people on there and I liked her style of interviewing.  I have said before, I don't like change.  I think I am kind of selfish in that way.  I didn't watch her show everyday, but I wanted to know it was there every Monday through Friday at 4:00.  I am sure we will look back in 5 years and think it's silly we were sad because I am sure she will be doing something great.

     Sydney looked at me kind of funny when I laughed.  But, I explained to her there were two meanings to that phrase.  He was known for his many sayings.  The one I loved the most was, "Life goes on, you understand."  He said it in a way and voice that doesn't do it justice on here.  He also said, "The roses are blooming,"  Again, it was the way he said it. When we had to order the blanket for his funeral and they asked what flowers my mom said, "That's easy. It has to be roses."  He said those phrases in times that he thought it was best to look on the bright side.  He was a mess, but he was a very, very spiritual man.  He read his Bible everyday.  He was a character.  He liked his Coors Light and would really let loose, but he was a very generous and giving man at the same time.

     I always liked the way he would say, "We passed and repassed."  That meant he ran into somebody that he didn't like, or they didn't like him, and they simply passed by one another in peace.  It usually meant no words were exchanged.  I would love to get a collection of stories from people about him.  Everybody that knew him probably has a story about him and his larger than life character.

     It was good to get a good laugh.  I am beginning to get a little nervous about my surgery, so laughing is good!  I do have to tell you I got a little peace of mind today.  It's funny I heard that phrase because earlier today I was on my computer and something caught my eye in the reflection of the window behind me.  I have told you before that red birds are my favorite because of their special meaning with me and my grandfather.  I turned around and a red bird was on the top of the rocking chair in front of the window looking at me.  I was so glad to see it.  I know now everything will be just fine.  A little birdy told me so!


Am I The Odd One?

I watch WAY TOO MUCH TV.  I can't help it, there are a lot of good shows on and my dvr stays full.  I like a variety of shows, but what is odd about me is my favorite characters in these shows. 


     I love "Criminal Minds" and Reid is my favorite.  There was an episode where he was locked in a room with a prisoner and nobody could help him.  He used his mind and pyschology skills and analyzed the inmate until the time was up and he had help.  At the end of Reid telling the prisoner what was wrong with him and why the prisoner asked Reid before he left the room, "Is that true I never had a chance?" and Reid answered,   (walking out): "I dunno maybe". Love that episode!


     I love "Glee".  My favorite character on there is Blaine Anderson.  He is not a main cast member, but he is probably my favorite one to hear sing.   I love it when he did "Hey Soul Sister."


     Me and Sydney love our vampire movies and show.  In TWILIGHT, I am not on Team Edward or Team Jacob.  I am Team Jasper.  I love his quote to Bella, "It would be nice to not want to kill you all the time."

We also love "Vampire Diaries."  My favorite character is Damon.  One of my favorite quotes from him is, "I have two liters of soccer mom in the fridge."



     I am just wondering if I am the only one who does this.  Is your favorite character the popular or less popular one in movies or TV?



Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Brothers and Sisters

     I am the oldest of me, my sister, and brother.  Growing up, being the oldest, I was the one they looked up to.  There are three years difference between me and my sister, Amanda, but seven years difference between me and my brother, Ty.  Seven years is a good little bit of difference when you are younger.  He was always the aggravating little brother.  He loved to be a pain any time I had boyfriends over in high school.  I couldn't do a thing I wasn't supposed to without him telling on me.  His relationship with my sister was a little different.  Just being a little closer in age, they had more in common and he didn't "aggravate" her quite as much.  The both got married within 6 months of each other.  (He was married first!)  Now, her son, Walt and his twins, Timothy and Tyler are 9 months a part and her daughter, Sadie, and his daughter, Ella, are only 2 weeks a part. 

     Once we hit a certain age and were all married with kids, the age difference didn't seem to be there anymore.  EXCEPT for when Ty turned 30 and I called him to tell him Happy Birthday he reminded me that while he was on his way into the 30's I would soon be headed out!  He still loves to tease and aggravate me.  One thing has definitely changed.  Now, even though he is still my younger brother, he takes care of me.  He helped me with my air conditioning and freezer problems last week by calling and getting someone to come over.  That is just one little example out of about a million!

     He and my sister are my kids' godparents.  That is something they both take very seriously.  He has his hands full running the family business but still takes time with my kids.  He knows they need that male influence around and he makes sure they have it.  My kids LOVE him.  They don't take for granted what he does for them.

     It is the same way with my sister.  My kids spend a lot of time at her house and she knows everything that is going on with them.  This is so important if they had both parents, but me being a single mom it is invaluable to me the time and love they give to my kids.  I do the same with theirs.  I know I couldn't love them any more if they were mine, but I don't think I could know them any better either.  Trust doesn't always come easy for me.  I have learned the hard way that sometimes people aren't honest and have a hidden agenda.  I don't have to worry about this with Amanda and Ty.  I know if they tell me something I would rather not hear, it is for my, or my kids, own good.  They would never tell me wrong on purpose.  It is so hard raising kids, period, but it is especially hard these days being a single mom.  I know there are times I am tired and may miss something.  This is where they are a huge help.  Hopefully, I return the favor with their kids.

     Trust is such an important thing and I work really hard at making sure their kids know they can trust me.  Even from the simplest, silly thing like if I tell them I will bring them something or help them with something.  Whether or not it really matters is not the point.  The point is I told them I would do something and I make good on my word.  The little silly things now are hopefully building blocks of their trust in me so that when they get older they know they can always count on me.  That is VERY important to me.  I value my relationship, it is different although as much special, with each one of them.

     We have such a good time when we get together.  We are able to joke around with each other and just have fun.  My sister and her husband are that very rare couple that have been together since childhood.  There were off and on times and they were engaged at one time and broke it off and then eventually got back together.  It is always a joke because we lose track of when Harrison was around and when he wasn't.  I will think, y'all were on a break then, but he will say no I was there for that.  Our family was very close to his family growing up.  We spent a lot of time together.  We went on vacations, spent holidays together, and have so, so many memories.  Honestly, I don't remember not knowing Harrison.  He feels like my brother instead of brother in law.  It was funny, but when they got married, my dad did a toast at the rehearsal dinner.  He said that he had always thought of Harrison as a son, so it was kind of like his kids were getting married.  He went on to make a joke about having to go to Alabama to get married.  He felt so bad afterwards, because he wasn't thinking that at the time, my uncle's girlfriend who was there was from Alabama.

     My brother's wife, Bethany, is more like a sister than sister in law.  She fits right in with us.  Her family has known my family for years.  Her mom, aunts, uncles knew my parents, aunts, uncles from school.  It is funny, but her first cousin, Heather, is a friend of mine and we have known each other our whole lives.  We played softball together and I remember one time when we were really young spending the night at Heather's and her aunt coming over.  She had a little girl with her and I just remember how pretty the little girl was and all her long, dark curls!  I now know that was Bethany and her mom Yvonne.  It's funny that I had no idea that pretty little girl would grow up to be my sister in law.

     Not only do my brother and sister help take care of my kids, but Harrison and Bethany are very protective of them also.  Both of them have their own relationship with each of my kids and all three of them know they can depend on Harrison and Bethany.  It is so hard being a single parent and it is even harder seeing what good relationships my sister and brother have with their spouses.  My mom and dad have been together since they were teenagers and my grandparents have been together almost 60 years.  As my dad says, that's a life sentence!  It is neat though.  My parents and my grandparents have been together most of their lives. Both my parents and grandparents have very few memories without the other spouse in them.  That is what I am going to miss.  I won't have someone who shared raising the kids, feels the sense of accomplishment of a home or any other thing that has been acquired through the years.  Those are the things that I won't have any one to share them with and that is sad, but I will be okay because God has given me a wonderful family to be with me and share in so many memories.  Looking back at the person and the last several years, it is hard to mourn or be sad over something that wasn't there all along.  I have had to face the fact that the person I thought I was sharing those things with was not the person I thought all along.  It is tough to realize several years were a lie, but then it makes me realize I didn't really lose anything.  It wasn't there to begin with.

     I am so glad my kids have these examples of healthy relationships.  They see what marriage is supposed to be like and I am so grateful for that.  My biggest fear is that things they have been through will impact their future relationships, but I really don't think that will happen with what they have around them.  I always talk about my family, how much they mean to me, and how they are there for me, but I wanted to point out how much I depend on my brother and sister.  I think, the best gift I could have given my kids is each other.  No one else will truly know what they went through, but they will always have each other and will have a closeness that can't be broken. 

                                         Me and my sweet brother, Ty, holding Sadie and Ella.
                                                         (Sorry it is a little cloudy.)

                                            My BEAUTIFUL (inside AND out) sister, Amanda.
(And yes, that would be the famous "Sadie look!")

No matter what,
Through Thick or thin,
Brothers and Sisters
Til the bitter end!

Monday, May 23, 2011

New Jewelry Pieces

    I have had some really pretty new beads for a while and haven't made anything because of my back.  Inspiration, boredom, maybe a combination of both hit me this weekend and I made a few new pieces.  I am paying for it a little today, but working with my jewelry is like therapy for me!  When I get to feeling better, I am going to try selling some of my pieces out of my brother's office.  I have been trying to do it out of my home and I don't think people want to bother me at home to "shop" so I am going to fix me a little place at his office.  But, I will still sell online.  You can comment or I put my email address on my profile so you can get in touch with me if you are interested.

Here are a few elastic bracelets.

These look great stacked.

These are wrap around bracelets made with memory wire.  I attached scrimp beads at the ends.  It gives it a much cleaner and prettier look.  


This necklace, bracelet, and earrings set is made out of smoky quartz, rose quartz, clear crystal quartz and aventurine.          


This necklace is made of pink agate and labradorite.                                                                             

This is really pretty.  It is made with smoky quartz and rose quartz.

Better picture of the earrings.  The pair on the far left match the 3 alike elastic bracelets above.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

"It's Not All Crowns And Gowns Anymore" ~Cameron Diaz

     My daughter makes me so proud of her everyday.  She has a very strong faith and strong convictions and she stays true to them.  That has to be hard being a teenager these days.  She won the Junior Beauty title at her high school.  This is a huge honor.  She didn't just win a "beauty" contest and got a pretty crown. She went into the pageant with a commitment to serve others.  This program is so great in that all girls, not just crowned, can participate in so many community service projects.  She was excited to win the pageant, but even more so about the things she will be able to do in the next year.

     She, and a group of other WONDERFUL young ladies along with a very a special family that oversees this pageant and all the activities, spent their Saturday night at a dance for the Summer Special Olympics.  I just saw the picassa slide show and I am just crying at what these girls got to do last night.  I would love to show every picture in the album, but I don't want to invade the privacy of any of the girls or anyone else there last night.


She knew this was going to be a great experience because of what she had heard from girls who had already done it in the past.  She got home last night and she said she had NO idea what kind of an experience that would be.  She was there signing autographs and wearing her crown and sash, but she said it was the people she was giving the autographed photo of her to that lifted her up.  Seeing what strength they have and their character was something she said has to change who you are after meeting and spending time with people who face daily challenges. She said they were in awe of her and the other girls, but the girls in turn were in awe of them.  It was a life changing experience for her.  I think the biggest thing she took away from it with was how blessed she and her family are, but also that you can rise above challenges and God will see you through it.  We don't understand, and maybe aren't supposed to now, why people are born with challenges, but she saw that while it may limit you physicially, it DOES NOT define your character and strength.

     I am so glad she was able to go and have this experience with some other really great girls.  The man and wife that are over the pageant and get the girls to all these events are such a great family and my daughter benefits just from being around them.  It was a special night and she is so excited about the other things she will be able to do through this next year. 

"It's not all crowns and gowns anymore."

     I stole this quote from Cameron Diaz (link to the the ad with the quote). I think it is perfect for these girls and what they are doing.  This program is not just about outer beauty, but growing as a person and a compassionate, strong human being.  I am so thankful she is a part of this group and I can't wait to see what else they do!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bet He Is Called "Chicken Little" by Sunday Morning

     I didn't even know until 2 days ago that the end of the world is "supposedly" happening today.  Harold Camping has a Family Radio network and on there is a commercial about the end of the world.  It gives you a link to his website and information.  This guy is 89 years old and a self proclaimed prophet.  He has spent A LOT of money spreading the word that he believes today is the day.        

At 6:00.         

I am not being mean, but is that Eastern, Pacific....?

     I believe ONLY God knows when the end of the world will be and it is foolish for any of us to try to calculate it.  I do find it sad that this guy is out spreading a message and it has been turned into a joke.  I wish he could have all that money back and use it to get out God's word in a way that won't be poked fun at.  A lot could be done with that money.  AND.... if he ended up being right, he should have known people would be doubtful and make fun of him.  If he really believes the end is today, then I guess he thinks he did what God would have wanted him to and he spread the word as fast as he could.  I just think it is sad that the money spent could have been used to deliver God's word and could have brought so many people to Him in a more effective way that wouldn't seem "threatening" to so many.

     Even Elizabeth Hasselbeck was making fun of it on The View yesterday.  She said her problem was that it is on a Saturday. Why couldn't it happen on a Monday?  She makes her religious views known, but she was even making light of it.  There's no way people who don't have God in their life was going to change just because of something predicted by a man, that no other predictions of his have come true.  He also predicted in 1994 that the world would end.

     I do believe that God is trying to tell us something with so many natural disasters lately.  Being in an earthquake or in the path of a tornado will make you realize how much you need and trust God much more than a billboard by a man claiming to know what God is going to do.  I think the whole world has gotten selfish and needs to realize how our whole lives rely on God.  Good or bad, whatever happens God is there and always will be.  We are in a time that moves fast, life is crazy busy, and we can sometimes forget we have it backwards.  We aren't supposed to "get to God" after our to do list, He is our to do list.  Every second we are here is for God. 

     In the words of Bill Cosby, "He brought us into this world, and He can take us out."  The economy is so, so bad.  My family is, and has always been in real estate, and as hard as it is right now, we all have our faith that it is happening for a reason, we still have each other, and it will be okay.  We have all these kids and it doesn't matter how much money we have in the bank if one of them gets sick or something happens to one.  I have days where I feel like I am tested all day and I have my little breakdown, but we have a good, giving, God that doesn't bring things our way for the heck of it.  I think when we meet Him, He will explain why things in our life happened the way they did.  THEN, He will show us the purpose and what came out of it.  That's the important part.  Not WHAT happens, but WHY and HOW did we handle it.  I really hope this guy is wrong.  Maybe all this talk touched a few people.  Then, it would be money well spent!

Top 5 Reasons I Will Be Glad When My Back Is Fixed

5.  No more pain.

4.  I can sit comfortably.

3.  I can stand comfortably.

2.  Did I mention No More Pain?

The #1 Reason I Will Be Glad When My Back Is Fixed............

#1.......  I won't have to take these extra meds for my blood sugar (that make me feel sick) to cancel out the effect of anti-inflammatories, cortisones, muscle relaxants, and pain medication that make me feel sick all time and so much so that I won't miss anything else the kids do!  After an adjustment to what I have to take, I missed class night because I was too sick to go.  Missing out on things is reason enough to do whatever it takes to get better!  I have been patient, but it is wearing THIN!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Class Night (Sob, sob, sob)

     Yea!!!!!  My dr. said my blood sugars are "Beautiful" and put me back on the schedule for next week.  I am hoping this will get me taken care of and I will be able to enjoy the summer with the kids!  I can't believe they are out of school next week.  Time just goes faster and faster.

     We have Class Night tonight.  Sydney is a Junior and most of Class Night is about the Seniors, but it is still a special night for her.  I haven't been to one since my brother,Ty, had his in '96.  I made it to his Class Night, but missed his graduation because I was in the hospital. I had just given birth to Shane.  Those of you from my home town know exactly what Class Night is, for my new friends (the best thing about starting this blog, besides cheap therapy, is the new friends I have made!) in different places I don't know if every high school has this.  It is a fun night for the Seniors.  They give class gifts, which usually consist of an inside joke among the students, do a class prophecy of where they think they will be in a few years, and a class history of when someone joined the class or someone left.  I remember my Senior Class Night very well.  Me and two of my very good friends, got to do the class prophecy.  We wrote what we thought each of our class members would be doing in the future, and I would like to know how many we came close to getting right!  Some of it was is in fun and some was what we really thought they would be doing.  It is a really fun night that makes very special memories for the soon to be graduates.

     For those of you who may not know what this is, the Junior class is also there dressed in formal wear.  They watch the whole class night and at the end.....this is where I am going to need a parachute sized handkerchief, they have an important part.  If it is done the way it used to be, at the end, the Seniors leave the stage while singing the Alma Mater and the Junior class takes the stage.  This is when the Junior class officially become Seniors.  I am crying while writing this!  I have warned Sydney that I will be very emotional.  She is full aware because every time we talk about it I start to cry.  I am so proud of her and she is doing exactly what she is supposed to be doing.  She is moving ahead in school and growing into a beautiful, sweet, smart, young lady.  I just don't like the growing up part!

     Junior year in high school is the best.  You are old enough to go to prom, drive a car, and do most everything else a senior can.  Next year, I know everything she does is going to be emotional because it will be "the last."  The last homecoming, prom, etc.  Each finished event will bring us closer to her being the one to leave the stage this time next year.  I still have the boys and by the time Stratton is a Junior, I probably won't have enough sense left to know to cry, but for now.......I need that hanky!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Optimistic Resistant

     I am WAY too familiar with the term Insulin Resistant.  There are other kind of resistants also. We go to the car wash and pay extra for the, I think it is called RainX or something like that, so your windshield will be water resistant.  When my kids were babies I always made sure their pajamas were fire resistant.  We work hard at resisting certain things, but there is one term I do not for the life of me understand.  Happy Resistant.

     I think we all know somebody who just seems to work extra hard to be happy resistant.  It doesn't matter how hard the people around them try, all that person sees is negative.  He/she REFUSES to be happy.  I don't understand people like that.  It has always seemed to me it takes extra effort to be unhappy all the time.  These kind of people can't just accept a little bit of good and be happy with it, they use more time and energy resisting good and trying to stay unhappy.

     Have you ever noticed these people walk around with an almost painted on frowny face?  Well, it's because they won't let any happy anywhere around them.  People who complain about EVERYTHING definitely fit into this category.  There are some days I am more a glass half empty kind of girl, but most of the time I would RATHER see the glass half full. 

     HOPE:  definition

Verb: Want something to happen or be the case: "he's hoping for compensation"; "I hope that the kids are OK".
Noun: A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

- I had high hopes of making the Olympic team

Hope is wanting good, looking for good, trying to make good happen.

     These kind of people turn hope into NOPE!  I don't know why someone would choose to be so pessimistic.   Is there any "Hope" in helping these people?  I would like to think so!

'I know what you're up to, and it won't work.' Delbert P. Munson: Spring Fever's toughest nut to crack. by Veley, Bradford



'Don't take it personally. Bob doesn't like anybody. He even unfriended himself on Facebook.' by Bucella, Marty

'.....sunnyside down.' by Gradisher, Martha

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bird Watching Isn't As Dorky As I Thought!

     I have enjoyed watching my mourning doves on my small front porch.  I talked about them in my post, It's Easter Time, and how they come back each year.  I think it is really neat that they return, but after reading about them I think it has to do with laziness as much as anything.  Their nests are said to be the "flimsiest" so maybe they return to their old nest so they don't have as much work to do.

     I always used to think of bird watchers as these dorky men with bad fashion sense creeping around with binoculars.  Well, didn't you?  But, I have become a little obsessed with watching them myself.  I have spent a lot of time in my room the last year because of my back and neck and I have a really pretty view of my backyard.  My room is on the main floor so I can see a lot.  It is kind of like living in the wild kingdom around here.  We have bunnies all over the place, we have seen deer behind our fence, my sister had a mole in her backyard last year.  That was really odd.  We think that is what is was.  There was a little "hill" or mound running through her backyard.  It was strange knowing there was something under it burrowing its way through her yard.  Funny enough, it stopped at her patio.  We all joked that it probably knocked itself out when it was going along and hit the patio tile!

     We also have a HUGE racoon loose.  It has gotten in my garbage cans a few times.  We all have seen it.  It has been in my mom's and sister's garages.  My dad came out of the back door one night and there it was!  I can tell you it is very smart and LOVES french fries!  I kept trying to outsmart it with my garbage cans, but the sucker beat me every time!  He always pulled out take out with fries in the bag.

     We also get our fair share of stray cats.  My sister in law won't let anything go hungry, so they "adopted" the last stray we had.  One thing I don't like to see EVER is a snake.  I know there are some that are good, but I don't like any of them!  I always get the snake away treatment from the bug guy.  I am the only one that gets it, but we have the most bushes around our house and it is supposed to keep them from hiding in them and out where we can see them if they are around.  It always scares me if the kids are playing outside and lose a ball in the bushes.  My sister and sister in law tease me every year when I get the snake away.  Bethany always says, "If a snake is in your yard and you get the snake away does it get trapped in your yard?"  It's a good question, but she always asks it because she knows it freaks me out!

     Not only do we have our regular mourning doves, but we have a few more nests in our yard.  I found this one in the garage in Stratton's old baseball helmet!

 My dad freaks out about all the birds.  He thinks it is bad luck to have one around your house like that, not to mention the diseases they can carry.  But, me and the kids don't feel right disturbing them.  We have a lot of huge hawks, I guess they are, or buzzards around here.  I think the smaller birds stay right up at my house or in the garage for safety.  Those buzzards are mean and they will swoop right down near you.  Some times there are a few of them in a tree back behind our houses and it is just eerie looking.

I also found this bird gathering twigs to build a nest in a tree by the top end of my driveway. 

It will bring the sticks and sit on this brick column before flying into the this tree with them.

     I never before understood the fun in bird watching, but I have gotten really into it and enjoy watching them and their natural instincts.  We have a lot of different kinds and they all are a lot of fun to watch.  Me and my grandfather that passed away had our little "thing" about red birds, so I will have to say they are my favorite and have a special meaning to me when I see them.

     From what I have read, these doves can have up to six broods in a mating season.  They only have two birds in each one.

And I thought my babies grow fast!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Have Entered "The Twilight Zone".......When Can I Leave?

     I used to love watching "The Twilight Zone."  I think I have watched too many because there have been times I felt like I was in it.  Like yesterday.  I just had one of those weird days that I kept thinking I would wake up to it being a dream or I would realize I was being "Punk'd."  Either way.... WEIRD day!

     I really believe so many situations begin with slight miscommunications and just go from there.  If one end of a conversation doesn't quite get the other end or something is missing, the whole communication line is brought down.  That is what I think has happened with me.  I was in a "Who's On First" conversation all day with my dr.'s nurse.  My mom was sitting with me during my last conversation with the nurse and I hung up, looked at my mom and asked, "Did I make sense to you?  Did you get that?"  She just shook her head and said, "Yeah, it made sense.  I don't get the problem either."  Then, her answer was that I call back, keep my post op appt. that was still on the book  (???)  and me and her would go in and face to face get it all straightened out.

     Sometimes you have to meet face to face and get these little "miscommunications" cleared up.  That is what I am going to do Thursday.  My doctor is talking to me through a nurse and I am talking back and answering through her and she was out all last week so she is using information from ANOTHER nurse......  Does your head hurt yet?  I don't think mine will stop until I get there and straighten things out face to face.  I have trusted this dr. from day one and have done EVERYTHING he has asked.  Even if I wasn't sure about it I trusted him, but it is time I used my own brain and asked my own questions.  He is a brain surgeon so I am guessing he is WAY smarter than me, but there is one thing I know much better than him....ME.  This is why I LOVE my primary.  She does what she feels is best, but she talks to ME and makes ME feel like I am actively participating in MY healthcare and choices.  It seems common sense to me that if a patient feel that they are being listened to and have a voice then they will follow through on the treatment much better because they had a say so in the decisions. 

     This was always a major thing with me and pediatricians.  I know their treatments are based on a lot of things I can't even begin to understand.  (Kind of like when I tell my kids, "Because I said so."  I explain to them that my orders may have a lot more to deal with than just what they see.  There may be other factors they don't know or understand.)  HOWEVER, mama intuition goes a long way.  There are a lot of times when motherly intuition is the best medicine.  This is why I am 40 and still take my mom with me to my big dr. appts.  ;)  I take her with me because of the miscommunication thing.  I have a tendency to hear what I want to or "miss" something I might not necessarily want to hear.  She is there to ask questions I am afraid to and clear up anything I didn't get. 

     There are so many ways of communication now and with more ways to communicate there are more ways to MIScommunicate.  I get frustrated sometimes when my kids are making plans with friends and they are either texting, facebooking, whatever, and I tell them to just call their friends and ask what is going on.  "No one does that, Mom!"  WELL........maybe that is why plans get messed up.  We all know how great these kids nowadays can type and not make mistakes.

     Everybody is always in a hurry and just sends text messages and emails and tweets.  I don't know about you, but it is overwhelming having to make sure I haven't missed anything on my facebook, cell text, cell voicemail, home answering machine, email, and if any of you have twitter.  If this is supposed to make life easier why do I have to check at least 5 places numerous times a day to make sure I haven't missed anything?  Sure as I don't check email ONE day, I will have an all important message that I missed.  We all need some kind of marquis or electronic board hanging at the back door that posts all recent texts, emails, a button to hear voicemails from our cell and home phone.  I have a feeling that even with all that, I would probably STILL miss something!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Rolling Stones to the Rescue

Do y'all remember this?  "Waiting on a Friend" by the Rolling Stones?  It is 30 years old.  I remember watching this video when I was younger.  The album came out when I was 10.

This is kind of how I feel today.  I am just waiting.  The second guy about my freezer just left and a third will be here sometime.  Not real sure who the guy before was talking to while he was here, or looking at when talking to me for that matter.

I am also waiting for my surgeon's office to call.  I am ready for surgery and was put on today's schedule, but taken off Friday because my surgeon got sick.  I want him with good steady hands and clear head, but I am so ready to get this over with.

Well, it is a dreary Georgia Monday and I am just waiting.....

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Road Etiquette

     There are rules of etiquette for a lot of things.  Sending out invitations, giving gifts, how to set a table, etc.  Someone needs to write a book about road etiquette because there IS such a thing whether some drivers out there know it or not!

     I don't know if it is etiquette/manners as much as plain old common sense and consideration.  I know every rude driver out there has to be some place that is so much more important than the place I need to be, but rudeness will only get you one place faster.  A very hot place.  I am convinced the devil takes over drivers all the time on the road.  That is his best recruiting grounds.  If you want to test someone's true character put them out on the road on a Friday afternoon when EVERYBODY is rushing to get away from or to somewhere!

     I hate it when someone pulls out in front of me and then turns.  Why can't you just wait and let me get out of your way?  Nobody likes those people who can't drive and talk on the cell phone at the same time.  You know, the ones that have to slow down to a snail's pace just to have a conversation.  I am not a multitasker at all, so even I know my limits with this one.  Then, there are those who speed up or slow down just to annoy you.  You know what I am talking about.  You are on a four lane road and two cars are in it together to speed up and slow down just so they can stay side by side with no hope of you getting around either of them.  Maybe they are talking to each other on cell phones!

     I am not the most patient person in the world and I have found out just how impatient I am while trying to teach my daughter to drive.  She is a good driver and I have taught her pretty much everything I know.  I think that was accomplished in the first week.  I am not very consistent.  I zip around town and I know I go faster than I should, then you get me out on the interstate or somewhere I am not used to driving and I turn into Mr. Magoo.  My dad drives CRAZY!  He is an aggressive driver.  If he forgets his exit is coming up, he just shoots right on over across 5 lanes of traffic at one time.  I am NO WHERE NEAR that gutsy.  I am the 90 year old woman that just stays in the slow lane way before the exit so I don't panic if I can't get over.

mr. magoo

     It is nerve wracking teaching your child to drive.  I am very anxious driving anyway, but much more so with my kids learning.  Sydney is ready to be out driving on her own, but Shane is able to get his learner's in a couple of weeks so here I go again. 

   I keep a grip on the "Oh S---" handle on the passenger's side.  Even with all my back problems, one day I am going to rip it right off!  My kids don't scare me as much as all the other drivers.  I try to teach them to be defensive, but there is so much traffic around here and people just don't pay attention while driving.  I am scared for Sydney to be out on her own.  I know she will be careful, but I don't have any control over the other drivers on the road.

     I know I make mistakes on the road, everybody does.  I might be too focused on the kids and not paying attention, but I don't do anything on purpose.  What really makes me mad is when I do something stupid, then wave or do some kind of gesture to apologize, and some MAN gets irrate with me.  NOW, I am mad too.  It is probably my biggest pet peeve when a man is completely rude and fusses out a woman in the car.  For starters, a gentleman doesn't do that.  If I had done something rude or made an obscene gesture, I don't expect a man driver to like it or even ignore it, but when I make a mistake, try to apologize, then they want to tell me what they think anyway, then they deserve what they get back.

     You don't do that to a woman driving with kids in the car.  It's looks bad enough when a man does that to a woman period, but it is so unnecessary when kids see that.  I am shocked that a lot of times I have men in their 50's/ 60's do me that way.  I feel that they were at least raised in a generation that taught them treating a woman in that way is unacceptable.  It isn't right for a woman to to be rude or vulgar toward a man either, but I think it looks so bad the other way around.  When it happens to me and the kids are in the car I always tell them that is NOT how you talk to a lady.  I go even further and tell my daughter that is NOT an acceptable way to be treated by a man.  I get angry when this happens and sometimes end up embarrassing myself and the kids, but if a man is "man" enough to talk to me that way, then he is "man" enough to get what he gets in return.  What really makes me mad is if I had been a big, strong looking man driving they might not have said or done anything.  Maybe there should be two books, one on basic road etiquette and one on how to be a gentleman on the road.

    I need to get off this soapbox, but I have to tell you one day I had a man, he looked a little older than me but not much, get mad at me.  I admit, I did something stupid, but tried to apologize.  He was so rude.  He was really letting me have it and I just looked at him and said, "Stop being an a--."  That moron looked back at me and said, "Nice, you have kids in the car."  ????????

  Well, I am fixing to have to leave and do some errands. I hope it goes well.  I am going to be teaching Shane to drive soon, and then in 2 1/2 years Stratton.  Wonder if I could get a permanent "Student Driver" sign for the top of my car.  Nothing makes people get out of your way faster than seeing that.  Except maybe a big transfer truck with a "Student Driver" sign!

"Caution Student Driver and Screaming Parent" Car Magnet

The Policeman couldn't believe his eyes as he saw the woman drive past him, busily knitting.
 Quickly he pulled along the vehicle, wound down his window and shouted "Pull over!"
"No" she replied, "they're socks!"

This Policeman pulled a car over and told the man driving that he was going 50 mph in a 40 mph zone.
"I was only going 40!" the driver protested.
 "Not according to my radar," the officer replied.
"Yes, I was!" the man shouted back.
"No you weren't!" the policeman said, starting to get annoyed.
With that, the man's wife leaned toward the window and said, "Officer, I should warn you not to argue with my husband when he's been drinking."

'Listen, be fair, George - it's your TURN to take Mrs McCarthy for her lesson.' by Naylor, Jim

Just Three Words

     When I think of  "3 Words" I automatically think of "I Love You."  Good Morning America shows 3 words can mean A LOT.  To sum up a week, sometimes more than that, in just three words can be pretty powerful.  I don't know if you have ever seen this, if you have you know what I am talking about, if not you have to watch some of these.  People all around the country just doing their thing and summing it up in just 3 words.  Some will make you cry, some will make you happy, and some will make you thankful for what you have.  LOVE THIS!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Finally Good News For Two and a Half Men!

     I LOVE Ashton Kutcher.  We have the same birthday (well, month and day, the year is a little different!), so I have always felt a little partial to him.  He is not Charlie Harper, he is too sweet,  BUT, I am so excited he is supposed to be joining "Two and A Half Men."  I tried to support and defend Charlie Sheen, but he made that really hard.  (He would make a pun joke here, but I will not.)  I do hope he gets himself straightened out, for his kids if not for himself.  They haven't done anything wrong and deserve a dad.  Although I still kind of see Ashton Kutcher as Kelso from "That 70's Show", I think he will be a happy medium between dorky Alan and hose you down before I would want a hug Charlie.  I don't think he is supposed to replace Charlie, but be an addition to the show.  That's what I understood.  I think it will be a good thing.  I was and still am sad that the show is changing.  I still love watching reruns from different channels.  But, as I have thought about it, I don't really know how long they could have kept that story line going anyway.  They have to be almost out of stuff to write about.  I am excited about the show now.  Ashton Kutcher is the only person I have heard of to be on the show that I think will still make it a hit.  Betcha Demi Moore ends up on there at least once!  Or, one of her girls might be an add on too.  Either way, I am happy to hear this news and now realize I really need to get out of the house and stop watching so much TV!   

Ashton Kutcher


He is so cute!!!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Where's My Tool Belt?

I don't mind being a single mom at all!  I just do my best and hope and pray me and the kids make it out alive.  There are a lot of things that don't bother me about being the only adult in the house.  I make the decisions, I plan trips, I decide where money goes, I get to be the boss.  BUT......., with all those pros has to come a few cons!

I know way more about air conditioning units, filters, fuse boxes, and other "manly" things.  It is kind of empowering when I can fix something, but I think the thing that hit me the most was when I got a Home Depot Credit Card.  NEVER in my life would I have ever thought I needed a Home Depot credit card! 

Macy's     YES
Nordstrom  YES
Dillard's  YES
Bed Bath and Beyond  YES
Home Depot????????  It's bad enough I know my way around the store!

Yesterday I got a refresher course in air conditioning.  It's bad when I am way ahead of them and know exactly what to do before they get there and know what is wrong with it, but have to call them anyway because I can't buy freon.  (That's good news for my ex.)

Today, I will be learning about freezers.  (Isn't it great when one thing falls apart at least 5 other things follow it!)  If it is the freon too I won't be able to tell y'all.  Everybody will be thinking I AM doing something naughty if I am low on it all over the house.  (Especially if you have been watching Desperate Housewives lately! haha)

Well, I do think every girl needs to know how to take care of herself in every way.  My daughter will benefit because she is learning right along with me and the boys.  But, if you ever see me under the hood of my car please stage an intervention ASAP!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Way To Go!

     We had a couple of things going on this past weekend with support for cancer survivors and in memory of those who lost their battle. There may have been more, but the ones I was aware of were the Relay for Life and the Susan G. Komen 5K/1 mile walk.  I just want to say a very big "Way To Go!" to all of you who participated in them.  It is such an unselfish act to take the time to support those affected.

     My daughter, Sydney, went with my brother and his wife and kids to the Susan G. Komen walk.  My sister-in-law's (Bethany)  mom, Yvonne, is a breast cancer survivor.  This is her second battle and she had a radical double mastectomy in January.  She is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.  Very generous, loving, and soft spoken.  But, she is also one tough lady! 

Sydney with Yvonne and  Bethany and the kids.

     This second time had nothing to do with the first and she found it by accident.  She was on vacation and had what we thought at the time was a freakish fall.  She had her ribs X rayed and they found it.  She is very good about keeping up with dr.s appointments and keeping herself in check.  If she hadn't had the Xray when she did, her prognosis would have been very different.  I am sure she was SO scared and knowing this time what was in store for her since she had battled it before had to make it even worse.  Just to back up what I said before about her being generous and tough, she found all this out before the holidays and kept it to herself so her kids and grandchildren wouldn't have the holidays ruined.  I can't imagine having that on me and not letting my family help me get through it.  She knew she was going to have the surgery the first of the year, so,  she told them all close to her surgery date so they wouldn't worry any longer than they had to.

Sweet Yvonne

     I am sure there are a lot of women out there who are, and have been, diagnosed and have spared their families as much as possible while taking more of the stress of knowing and putting it all on themselves.  That's what moms do, but it is so brave and so giving at the same time.  This is why I think it is great when others come out to events like this and show their support.

     The Relay for Life is not just breast cancer and women (although some men do get breast cancer), but I am sure there are many, many people who take the burden of their illness upon themselves and spare their families as much as possible.  That shows so much strength.

     We all can use as much support as we can get in our everyday lives, but those going through the fight against cancer definitely can use it even more so.  So many people made the two events this weekend a success and I am sure it meant so very much to all those involved in the fight.

Sydney and my brother, Ty

     I am very proud of my daughter for getting up VERY early on a Saturday morning and going to show her support.  She said it was a very emotional day and she was so glad she took part in it.  We all love Yvonne.  That is my niece and nephews' grandmother, so we want to support her in any way we can.  She is such a sweet lady and she has always been very good to my kids. 

     Not only has she fought breast cancer twice, but we had a tornado come through our town in November and it hit a subdivision right across the street from her house.  She called my sister-in-law scared to death, because she was in the car almost home when she saw it coming.  She was just in Alabama with Bethany's dad on business when the town they were in was hit by the recent tornadoes.  She has definitely proved to be a fighter and it definitely seems that God is looking out for her! 

     She is going in very soon for more reconstructive surgery.  So many women and families were hopefully empowered by Saturdays walk (and those also with Relay for Life) and will go on with their fight knowing so many people care about them and are with them in this fight!