Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bad Timing

     I just really don't understand people sometimes.  I saw on Good Morning America this morning where there are pictures in a film of Princess Diana right as she was laying there dying that have never been shown before.  Now, why would these pictures be shown in the first place, but especially right now.  The timing is so bad and disrespectful for her memory and to her son's new marriage and to both of her sons right after Mother's Day. 

Princess Di

     Also on the news this morning is that Prince William and Kate are on their way to their honeymoon.  Why would the media choose NOW to put this story out?  I don't want to even try to understand why anyone would want to let those pictures out, but the timing is so bad.

     Today would have been my grandmother's birthday.  I miss her everyday.  We always celebrated Mother's Day and her birthday either the same day or very close.  All weekend I remembered good things about her, just like today.  I don't want to think about the year before we lost her that she was so sick and frail.  Those aren't the memories I choose to have in my mind.  I don't think any of us want to remember the bad things about those loved ones we have lost.

     I think it is so sad that this "negative memory" is brought out at all, but mostly right after the wedding.  Both William and Harry know how their mother was taken from them, they don't need the media to remind them.  I think it is disrespectful to her memory and to her sons.

     Is it that people just don't think or do they not care and just put out there what they want to when they want to?  None of us have any idea of William's lifestyle and how it is to live the life he is living.  What we can relate to is that all of that aside, he and Kate are a young couple beginning a new life together.  Most of us know how hard that is.  Any unnecessary stress is just a distraction.  I am sure he has learned how to ignore the media and get on with what he is doing in spite of it, but still, none of us like to hear or see anything negative about our mothers.  Any added on stress to the stress of being a newly wedded couple is very unfortunate.

     Stress does a lot to us physically, mentally, and emotionally.  There is never good timing for distasteful behavior, but some times are definitely worse than others and this is not the right time.

     I don't relate to William and Kate and their lifestyle, but I can relate to stress brought on by others.  I was supposed to have surgery on my low back yesterday, but I have been extremely stressed out in the last week, I talked about the major stressor a few posts ago, and my diabetes has been a little erratic because of the stress and I had to postpone my surgery for a few days.  I am glad I have the kind of doctor that wasn't going to risk my health and recovery, and physically, I had to agree with him that yesterday was not a good day to put even more stress on my stressed out body.  Mentally, I am ready to get myself "fixed up" and back to normal.  I know ignoring some stress in my life is what is best for me and my kids, but sometimes that is easier said than done.  I have a hard enough time trying to raise my kids as a single parent, along with some of my health issues, without unnecessary stress added on top of it.

     Like I said, I have nothing in common with William and Kate.  They are out there doing the best they can and they deserve a fair shot at being good spouses and hopefully one day good parents without any negative interference.  The only thing I can relate to with them is that I am doing the best I can and my kids deserve a fair shot at a healthy mom without any negative interference.

     I hope and pray I can reschedule my surgery in the next couple of days and be able to start our summer off pain free and ready to give my kids my full attention.  I hope and pray William and Kate have a great honeymoon with the beginning of memories and a great start to a new life.  We all can relate to each other in the fact that we just want a chance to live our lives as we want to and be happy.  There is no good timing for negativity.

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