Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bet He Is Called "Chicken Little" by Sunday Morning

     I didn't even know until 2 days ago that the end of the world is "supposedly" happening today.  Harold Camping has a Family Radio network and on there is a commercial about the end of the world.  It gives you a link to his website and information.  This guy is 89 years old and a self proclaimed prophet.  He has spent A LOT of money spreading the word that he believes today is the day.        

At 6:00.         

I am not being mean, but is that Eastern, Pacific....?

     I believe ONLY God knows when the end of the world will be and it is foolish for any of us to try to calculate it.  I do find it sad that this guy is out spreading a message and it has been turned into a joke.  I wish he could have all that money back and use it to get out God's word in a way that won't be poked fun at.  A lot could be done with that money.  AND.... if he ended up being right, he should have known people would be doubtful and make fun of him.  If he really believes the end is today, then I guess he thinks he did what God would have wanted him to and he spread the word as fast as he could.  I just think it is sad that the money spent could have been used to deliver God's word and could have brought so many people to Him in a more effective way that wouldn't seem "threatening" to so many.

     Even Elizabeth Hasselbeck was making fun of it on The View yesterday.  She said her problem was that it is on a Saturday. Why couldn't it happen on a Monday?  She makes her religious views known, but she was even making light of it.  There's no way people who don't have God in their life was going to change just because of something predicted by a man, that no other predictions of his have come true.  He also predicted in 1994 that the world would end.

     I do believe that God is trying to tell us something with so many natural disasters lately.  Being in an earthquake or in the path of a tornado will make you realize how much you need and trust God much more than a billboard by a man claiming to know what God is going to do.  I think the whole world has gotten selfish and needs to realize how our whole lives rely on God.  Good or bad, whatever happens God is there and always will be.  We are in a time that moves fast, life is crazy busy, and we can sometimes forget we have it backwards.  We aren't supposed to "get to God" after our to do list, He is our to do list.  Every second we are here is for God. 

     In the words of Bill Cosby, "He brought us into this world, and He can take us out."  The economy is so, so bad.  My family is, and has always been in real estate, and as hard as it is right now, we all have our faith that it is happening for a reason, we still have each other, and it will be okay.  We have all these kids and it doesn't matter how much money we have in the bank if one of them gets sick or something happens to one.  I have days where I feel like I am tested all day and I have my little breakdown, but we have a good, giving, God that doesn't bring things our way for the heck of it.  I think when we meet Him, He will explain why things in our life happened the way they did.  THEN, He will show us the purpose and what came out of it.  That's the important part.  Not WHAT happens, but WHY and HOW did we handle it.  I really hope this guy is wrong.  Maybe all this talk touched a few people.  Then, it would be money well spent!

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