Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bird Watching Isn't As Dorky As I Thought!

     I have enjoyed watching my mourning doves on my small front porch.  I talked about them in my post, It's Easter Time, and how they come back each year.  I think it is really neat that they return, but after reading about them I think it has to do with laziness as much as anything.  Their nests are said to be the "flimsiest" so maybe they return to their old nest so they don't have as much work to do.

     I always used to think of bird watchers as these dorky men with bad fashion sense creeping around with binoculars.  Well, didn't you?  But, I have become a little obsessed with watching them myself.  I have spent a lot of time in my room the last year because of my back and neck and I have a really pretty view of my backyard.  My room is on the main floor so I can see a lot.  It is kind of like living in the wild kingdom around here.  We have bunnies all over the place, we have seen deer behind our fence, my sister had a mole in her backyard last year.  That was really odd.  We think that is what is was.  There was a little "hill" or mound running through her backyard.  It was strange knowing there was something under it burrowing its way through her yard.  Funny enough, it stopped at her patio.  We all joked that it probably knocked itself out when it was going along and hit the patio tile!

     We also have a HUGE racoon loose.  It has gotten in my garbage cans a few times.  We all have seen it.  It has been in my mom's and sister's garages.  My dad came out of the back door one night and there it was!  I can tell you it is very smart and LOVES french fries!  I kept trying to outsmart it with my garbage cans, but the sucker beat me every time!  He always pulled out take out with fries in the bag.

     We also get our fair share of stray cats.  My sister in law won't let anything go hungry, so they "adopted" the last stray we had.  One thing I don't like to see EVER is a snake.  I know there are some that are good, but I don't like any of them!  I always get the snake away treatment from the bug guy.  I am the only one that gets it, but we have the most bushes around our house and it is supposed to keep them from hiding in them and out where we can see them if they are around.  It always scares me if the kids are playing outside and lose a ball in the bushes.  My sister and sister in law tease me every year when I get the snake away.  Bethany always says, "If a snake is in your yard and you get the snake away does it get trapped in your yard?"  It's a good question, but she always asks it because she knows it freaks me out!

     Not only do we have our regular mourning doves, but we have a few more nests in our yard.  I found this one in the garage in Stratton's old baseball helmet!

 My dad freaks out about all the birds.  He thinks it is bad luck to have one around your house like that, not to mention the diseases they can carry.  But, me and the kids don't feel right disturbing them.  We have a lot of huge hawks, I guess they are, or buzzards around here.  I think the smaller birds stay right up at my house or in the garage for safety.  Those buzzards are mean and they will swoop right down near you.  Some times there are a few of them in a tree back behind our houses and it is just eerie looking.

I also found this bird gathering twigs to build a nest in a tree by the top end of my driveway. 

It will bring the sticks and sit on this brick column before flying into the this tree with them.

     I never before understood the fun in bird watching, but I have gotten really into it and enjoy watching them and their natural instincts.  We have a lot of different kinds and they all are a lot of fun to watch.  Me and my grandfather that passed away had our little "thing" about red birds, so I will have to say they are my favorite and have a special meaning to me when I see them.

     From what I have read, these doves can have up to six broods in a mating season.  They only have two birds in each one.

And I thought my babies grow fast!

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