Friday, May 20, 2011

Class Night (Sob, sob, sob)

     Yea!!!!!  My dr. said my blood sugars are "Beautiful" and put me back on the schedule for next week.  I am hoping this will get me taken care of and I will be able to enjoy the summer with the kids!  I can't believe they are out of school next week.  Time just goes faster and faster.

     We have Class Night tonight.  Sydney is a Junior and most of Class Night is about the Seniors, but it is still a special night for her.  I haven't been to one since my brother,Ty, had his in '96.  I made it to his Class Night, but missed his graduation because I was in the hospital. I had just given birth to Shane.  Those of you from my home town know exactly what Class Night is, for my new friends (the best thing about starting this blog, besides cheap therapy, is the new friends I have made!) in different places I don't know if every high school has this.  It is a fun night for the Seniors.  They give class gifts, which usually consist of an inside joke among the students, do a class prophecy of where they think they will be in a few years, and a class history of when someone joined the class or someone left.  I remember my Senior Class Night very well.  Me and two of my very good friends, got to do the class prophecy.  We wrote what we thought each of our class members would be doing in the future, and I would like to know how many we came close to getting right!  Some of it was is in fun and some was what we really thought they would be doing.  It is a really fun night that makes very special memories for the soon to be graduates.

     For those of you who may not know what this is, the Junior class is also there dressed in formal wear.  They watch the whole class night and at the end.....this is where I am going to need a parachute sized handkerchief, they have an important part.  If it is done the way it used to be, at the end, the Seniors leave the stage while singing the Alma Mater and the Junior class takes the stage.  This is when the Junior class officially become Seniors.  I am crying while writing this!  I have warned Sydney that I will be very emotional.  She is full aware because every time we talk about it I start to cry.  I am so proud of her and she is doing exactly what she is supposed to be doing.  She is moving ahead in school and growing into a beautiful, sweet, smart, young lady.  I just don't like the growing up part!

     Junior year in high school is the best.  You are old enough to go to prom, drive a car, and do most everything else a senior can.  Next year, I know everything she does is going to be emotional because it will be "the last."  The last homecoming, prom, etc.  Each finished event will bring us closer to her being the one to leave the stage this time next year.  I still have the boys and by the time Stratton is a Junior, I probably won't have enough sense left to know to cry, but for now.......I need that hanky!

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