Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Have Entered "The Twilight Zone".......When Can I Leave?

     I used to love watching "The Twilight Zone."  I think I have watched too many because there have been times I felt like I was in it.  Like yesterday.  I just had one of those weird days that I kept thinking I would wake up to it being a dream or I would realize I was being "Punk'd."  Either way.... WEIRD day!

     I really believe so many situations begin with slight miscommunications and just go from there.  If one end of a conversation doesn't quite get the other end or something is missing, the whole communication line is brought down.  That is what I think has happened with me.  I was in a "Who's On First" conversation all day with my dr.'s nurse.  My mom was sitting with me during my last conversation with the nurse and I hung up, looked at my mom and asked, "Did I make sense to you?  Did you get that?"  She just shook her head and said, "Yeah, it made sense.  I don't get the problem either."  Then, her answer was that I call back, keep my post op appt. that was still on the book  (???)  and me and her would go in and face to face get it all straightened out.

     Sometimes you have to meet face to face and get these little "miscommunications" cleared up.  That is what I am going to do Thursday.  My doctor is talking to me through a nurse and I am talking back and answering through her and she was out all last week so she is using information from ANOTHER nurse......  Does your head hurt yet?  I don't think mine will stop until I get there and straighten things out face to face.  I have trusted this dr. from day one and have done EVERYTHING he has asked.  Even if I wasn't sure about it I trusted him, but it is time I used my own brain and asked my own questions.  He is a brain surgeon so I am guessing he is WAY smarter than me, but there is one thing I know much better than him....ME.  This is why I LOVE my primary.  She does what she feels is best, but she talks to ME and makes ME feel like I am actively participating in MY healthcare and choices.  It seems common sense to me that if a patient feel that they are being listened to and have a voice then they will follow through on the treatment much better because they had a say so in the decisions. 

     This was always a major thing with me and pediatricians.  I know their treatments are based on a lot of things I can't even begin to understand.  (Kind of like when I tell my kids, "Because I said so."  I explain to them that my orders may have a lot more to deal with than just what they see.  There may be other factors they don't know or understand.)  HOWEVER, mama intuition goes a long way.  There are a lot of times when motherly intuition is the best medicine.  This is why I am 40 and still take my mom with me to my big dr. appts.  ;)  I take her with me because of the miscommunication thing.  I have a tendency to hear what I want to or "miss" something I might not necessarily want to hear.  She is there to ask questions I am afraid to and clear up anything I didn't get. 

     There are so many ways of communication now and with more ways to communicate there are more ways to MIScommunicate.  I get frustrated sometimes when my kids are making plans with friends and they are either texting, facebooking, whatever, and I tell them to just call their friends and ask what is going on.  "No one does that, Mom!"  WELL........maybe that is why plans get messed up.  We all know how great these kids nowadays can type and not make mistakes.

     Everybody is always in a hurry and just sends text messages and emails and tweets.  I don't know about you, but it is overwhelming having to make sure I haven't missed anything on my facebook, cell text, cell voicemail, home answering machine, email, and if any of you have twitter.  If this is supposed to make life easier why do I have to check at least 5 places numerous times a day to make sure I haven't missed anything?  Sure as I don't check email ONE day, I will have an all important message that I missed.  We all need some kind of marquis or electronic board hanging at the back door that posts all recent texts, emails, a button to hear voicemails from our cell and home phone.  I have a feeling that even with all that, I would probably STILL miss something!

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