Thursday, May 26, 2011

"I'll Be Baaack" ~ uh, no, Maria says you won't!

     Arnold Schwarzenegger. Who would have thunk?  I haven't said anything about this because it is really none of my business, but I am disappointed.  To be honest, I didn't think he was smart enough to hide it from her because she is way smarter than he is.  But, I know from experience smartness doesn't count.  It's not who is the smartest but who is the sneakiest.

     I feel bad even talking about it because it is a personal family issue.  My thoughts on it are this.  She is a big girl.  He did her like crap, but she is a very strong, smart lady and she will be just fine.  The problem I have is with the kids.

     I honestly believe that you can be a terrible spouse and still be a good parent.  To an extent.  A man and woman may not get along anymore, they may grow apart, and they may not be as good as they should to each other, but it doesn't mean they can't be good to their kids.

     My problem is that this situation didn't just affect Maria because there is a child involved.  Him cheating would have been bad, but there again, that is between husband and wife.  I feel like this situation is a little different because I am looking at it from his kids' perspective.  They have to feel lied to.  He has hid a child all this time.  I would think things would be going through their heads like, this is a sibling we don't even know, how can he be with us and not acknowledge another child, if he was ashamed of this child could he ever become ashamed of me.  That is my opinion on the subject.  This has become not only a problem between husband and wife but it has opened up a lot of trust issues for his kids. 

     For someone who is known as this complete badass in the movies, he is a coward in real life.  The focus is on his kids he has with Maria, but I would think a therapist would have his/her work cut out for him with his illigetimate child.  I am disappointed.  This happens all the time to families and it is always the kids who suffer in the end.  That is why it is as selfish as cowardly.  Adults can pick up the pieces and move on, but although kids are resilient, it is a cruel way to have to grow up.

I don't know about Maria, but I want a smart guy in the future.  That dumb stuff is cute for a VERY short time!

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