Sunday, May 22, 2011

"It's Not All Crowns And Gowns Anymore" ~Cameron Diaz

     My daughter makes me so proud of her everyday.  She has a very strong faith and strong convictions and she stays true to them.  That has to be hard being a teenager these days.  She won the Junior Beauty title at her high school.  This is a huge honor.  She didn't just win a "beauty" contest and got a pretty crown. She went into the pageant with a commitment to serve others.  This program is so great in that all girls, not just crowned, can participate in so many community service projects.  She was excited to win the pageant, but even more so about the things she will be able to do in the next year.

     She, and a group of other WONDERFUL young ladies along with a very a special family that oversees this pageant and all the activities, spent their Saturday night at a dance for the Summer Special Olympics.  I just saw the picassa slide show and I am just crying at what these girls got to do last night.  I would love to show every picture in the album, but I don't want to invade the privacy of any of the girls or anyone else there last night.


She knew this was going to be a great experience because of what she had heard from girls who had already done it in the past.  She got home last night and she said she had NO idea what kind of an experience that would be.  She was there signing autographs and wearing her crown and sash, but she said it was the people she was giving the autographed photo of her to that lifted her up.  Seeing what strength they have and their character was something she said has to change who you are after meeting and spending time with people who face daily challenges. She said they were in awe of her and the other girls, but the girls in turn were in awe of them.  It was a life changing experience for her.  I think the biggest thing she took away from it with was how blessed she and her family are, but also that you can rise above challenges and God will see you through it.  We don't understand, and maybe aren't supposed to now, why people are born with challenges, but she saw that while it may limit you physicially, it DOES NOT define your character and strength.

     I am so glad she was able to go and have this experience with some other really great girls.  The man and wife that are over the pageant and get the girls to all these events are such a great family and my daughter benefits just from being around them.  It was a special night and she is so excited about the other things she will be able to do through this next year. 

"It's not all crowns and gowns anymore."

     I stole this quote from Cameron Diaz (link to the the ad with the quote). I think it is perfect for these girls and what they are doing.  This program is not just about outer beauty, but growing as a person and a compassionate, strong human being.  I am so thankful she is a part of this group and I can't wait to see what else they do!


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