Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Last Day of School

Yay!  Yippee!  Hooray!

     Today is the last day of school!  The kids will miss their friends and teachers, but we are so ready to not have a 6:00 am alarm clock.  We are not morning people.  If school started at 10:00 am, we would be much happier people!

     This is the point of school where everybody is exhausted, tired of the routine, and ready for a break.  Teachers included!  They work so hard all year for so little pay and they need the summer break to rest and refresh themselves for the next school year.  I do believe teaching is a calling.  It takes so much patience and you have to have faith and believe in God to get you through it!  Sometimes more so because of the parents than students!  (Although I have been home with kids, teaching is my college degree, can you tell?)  That, and my kids had a GREAT group of teachers this year that we will miss.

     I have to go get ready for all the things going on today, but the last day is always a fun day.  My middle child is graduating from 8th grade this morning.  I told him when he was getting ready I feel old because next year I will have 2 high school kids.  He is sweet, he said, "you're not old."  I would like him to convince my body and scattered brain that!

     I am sure I will be a little frazzled all day because all 3 kids are in different directions.  We have been scrambling around all week using what is left for school lunch and supplies.  I just met my sister at the fence with sandwich bags for her kids.  I am the street Kroger.  I don't know why I have so much stuff.  Anybody needs something they forgot at the store and they call me.  My mom came over one day when I wasn't home and got coconut for a cake.  I didn't even remember buying coconut!  I must have been going to make something and didn't get around to it.  My nieces and nephews shop when they come over.  They get a snack and go upstairs to the bonus room and take a toy that my kids have outgrown home with them.  Whatever keeps them coming over!

     I am going to go enjoy this last day and know by this afternoon I will be able to have my kids back with me for a little while before it starts all over again!

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