Friday, May 6, 2011

My Mom

     I have the best mom in the whole world!  (Doesn't everybody think that about her mom?)  I think I really do, though.  The reasons I think she is the best is because she always puts her kids first, she is always there when I need her, and her strength as a mom, and woman, amazes me.  I have always liked her name, Angela.  Because, well it has "Angel" in it.

     Mama was really young when she had me.  I have said that before on here.  We are from a small, southern town and it was 40 years ago.  Women worked then, but it was still the norm for women to be homemakers. She has always been a stay at home mom.  Now, she is a stay at home grandmother.  What I mean by that is she takes her job/role as a grandmother very seriously.  She stays at home and helps all of us with our kids.  She could go places, do things, go to school, any of the things most women do after they have been stay at home moms and their kids are raised.  She has a place at the beach, but never goes.  Unless we go too, she doesn't like to go away without all of us.  (I would like to think we are the best kids in the world and she just still can't bear to leave us, but I think it has something to do with the grandchildren.  Maybe she will miss them too?)

My mom and dad with all 11 grandchildren.

     Although it was still the accepted thing to be a stay at home mom when me, my sister, and brother were little, it was a time when women were trying to join the workforce.  She could have done whatever she wanted to, but she chose to be home with us.  She was always there to get us ready for school, home when we got out of school, and always there at night.  She would participate in school and neighborhood mom groups, but she made it her top priority to take care of us.  I always remember her being very organized and the house clean and we didn't eat take out.  What I don't remember is her being OCD about everything being organized, clean, and prepared.  It must have just been a natural ability for her, because things were always well taken care of but I don't remember her rushing around frantically trying to get it all done.

     I try to tell her it was easier for her because we weren't as active as kids now and didn't have as much going on.  She let's me know really fast that we were active, I see it that way because, back then, I wasn't the one driving me around to all of those places!  She must have some gene that just makes it easy, I didn't get it, but my daughter did, I can already see it in her. 

     I have been kind of spoiled my whole life because I have always had her and my dad and know I can count on both of them.  Having a soft place to land all the time is something I hope I don't take for granted.  If I ever did, I don't now.  I feel like God knew my life was going to go in this direction and he has firmly planted my mom and dad, my grandparents, and my sister and brother and their families here for me when me and my kids need them the most. 

     My mom has been with me this whole time.  (My dad has too, but I will get to him in June for Father's Day!)  She has never let me down at any time in my life, but now, she is so helpful with my kids, an ear that just listens to me go off for a while, and the best support I could ask for.  I joke when she goes with me to all my doctor's visits or anything a husband would go to with me.  I joke and call her my better half.  Well, she is.  She has no hidden agenda.  Trust is a little harder for me now, but with her there is never a question.  I trust her with everything, especially "OUR" most prized posessions, my kids. She has been my mom, but she has also been my best friend. 

     Mom, I have been your wild child.  The one that has given you the headaches, kept you up at night, made you want to scream at times, but always remember............................................................................
I Love You More Than Amanda and Ty!

(Stratton always says this to me about Sydney and Shane and it drives them CRAZY!)

I Love You Mom and Happy Mother's Day!

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