Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Nana

     I feel so, so blessed to have so many wonderful, strong women around me.  I have posted about my mom, my grandmother Betty, and now my grandmother "Nana" (Helen).

     The best word I can use to describe My Nana is dependable.  She is a lot of other things like sweet, strong, and supportive, but I think to be dependable is so important.  We grandkids and great grandkids know we can always count on her.  She and my grandfather are always at ballgames, school functions, church things, recitals, pageants, I could go on and list any and everything we have all done, because she was there.

     Having people around you as a kid, and adult, and knowing you can depend on them is priceless.  Especially for a kid.  My kids got kind of "shorted" in not having their other side of family around.  But, God made up for this because they have Nana and Papa.  At everything they do, my parents and Nana and Papa are there, so they really haven't gotten "shorted" after all. 

     I have many, many, many memories of my Nana.  When we all went on vacation together, I was usually the one that rode in the car with them and stayed in the room with them.  I have just always been so close to them.  I have the kind of relationship with them that I can say anything.  I have never felt the need to hide anything from them because I have always known I can depend on them to be there for me in every way.

     I have to tell you this, because my Nana is a very sharp, smart lady.  Her brain can keep up with like 10 different things at once.  I didn't get that gene, because a multi-tasker I am NOT.  We don't catch her in many mistakes.  My son had his basketball championship games Friday and yesterday.  Well, both were close games, but his team did win the championship.  Friday nights game was very tense.  We got towards the end and my Nana said something that completely cracked me up.  We wanted the time to just run out.  There was a minute and something left.  She turned around and said, "Well, when we get below that minute it will get faster."  I looked at my mom, then cracked up.  I told her a second is a second, it just looks faster because only the seconds are left and the minute is gone.  You could tell she knew what she had said.  Papa was looking at me and I said,  "You better get her home, she is slipping.  This is the first dumb thing I think I have ever heard Nana say."  I told him what she said and he thought it was pretty funny too.

     Being able to joke and tease with her is fun.  By the way, my dad has a field day with teasing her.  I could never have had one of those "proper" grandparent, grandchild relationships.  Completely takes the fun out of it!  Nana, I hope you don't mind that out of all the words I could have used to describe I used dependable.  That's not even close to all you are to me, but I think it is the most important!  I love you, and Happy Mother's Day!

My Nana and Papa with "the Brood"!

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