Thursday, May 19, 2011

Optimistic Resistant

     I am WAY too familiar with the term Insulin Resistant.  There are other kind of resistants also. We go to the car wash and pay extra for the, I think it is called RainX or something like that, so your windshield will be water resistant.  When my kids were babies I always made sure their pajamas were fire resistant.  We work hard at resisting certain things, but there is one term I do not for the life of me understand.  Happy Resistant.

     I think we all know somebody who just seems to work extra hard to be happy resistant.  It doesn't matter how hard the people around them try, all that person sees is negative.  He/she REFUSES to be happy.  I don't understand people like that.  It has always seemed to me it takes extra effort to be unhappy all the time.  These kind of people can't just accept a little bit of good and be happy with it, they use more time and energy resisting good and trying to stay unhappy.

     Have you ever noticed these people walk around with an almost painted on frowny face?  Well, it's because they won't let any happy anywhere around them.  People who complain about EVERYTHING definitely fit into this category.  There are some days I am more a glass half empty kind of girl, but most of the time I would RATHER see the glass half full. 

     HOPE:  definition

Verb: Want something to happen or be the case: "he's hoping for compensation"; "I hope that the kids are OK".
Noun: A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

- I had high hopes of making the Olympic team

Hope is wanting good, looking for good, trying to make good happen.

     These kind of people turn hope into NOPE!  I don't know why someone would choose to be so pessimistic.   Is there any "Hope" in helping these people?  I would like to think so!

'I know what you're up to, and it won't work.' Delbert P. Munson: Spring Fever's toughest nut to crack. by Veley, Bradford



'Don't take it personally. Bob doesn't like anybody. He even unfriended himself on Facebook.' by Bucella, Marty

'.....sunnyside down.' by Gradisher, Martha

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