Monday, May 16, 2011

Rolling Stones to the Rescue

Do y'all remember this?  "Waiting on a Friend" by the Rolling Stones?  It is 30 years old.  I remember watching this video when I was younger.  The album came out when I was 10.

This is kind of how I feel today.  I am just waiting.  The second guy about my freezer just left and a third will be here sometime.  Not real sure who the guy before was talking to while he was here, or looking at when talking to me for that matter.

I am also waiting for my surgeon's office to call.  I am ready for surgery and was put on today's schedule, but taken off Friday because my surgeon got sick.  I want him with good steady hands and clear head, but I am so ready to get this over with.

Well, it is a dreary Georgia Monday and I am just waiting.....

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