Saturday, May 21, 2011

Top 5 Reasons I Will Be Glad When My Back Is Fixed

5.  No more pain.

4.  I can sit comfortably.

3.  I can stand comfortably.

2.  Did I mention No More Pain?

The #1 Reason I Will Be Glad When My Back Is Fixed............

#1.......  I won't have to take these extra meds for my blood sugar (that make me feel sick) to cancel out the effect of anti-inflammatories, cortisones, muscle relaxants, and pain medication that make me feel sick all time and so much so that I won't miss anything else the kids do!  After an adjustment to what I have to take, I missed class night because I was too sick to go.  Missing out on things is reason enough to do whatever it takes to get better!  I have been patient, but it is wearing THIN!

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