Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Until We Meet Again"

     I just watched the last "Oprah."  I can't say I watched her say goodbye because she said she wasn't going to say goodbye, but "until we meet again."  My grandfather, Tom Ed, used to say that.  Although Oprah's was endearing and sweet, when my grandfather said it the person he said it to might want to run.  His use of the phrase meant "When I see you again, you won't like it."  He was such a funny character.  He was a good man and would help anybody in need.  But, if you did something wrong to him or anyone in his family you were in for it! 

     Me laughing at the end of "Oprah" wasn't the response I expected.  I didn't watch her show everyday but I enjoyed watching it when I did.  She had really good people on there and I liked her style of interviewing.  I have said before, I don't like change.  I think I am kind of selfish in that way.  I didn't watch her show everyday, but I wanted to know it was there every Monday through Friday at 4:00.  I am sure we will look back in 5 years and think it's silly we were sad because I am sure she will be doing something great.

     Sydney looked at me kind of funny when I laughed.  But, I explained to her there were two meanings to that phrase.  He was known for his many sayings.  The one I loved the most was, "Life goes on, you understand."  He said it in a way and voice that doesn't do it justice on here.  He also said, "The roses are blooming,"  Again, it was the way he said it. When we had to order the blanket for his funeral and they asked what flowers my mom said, "That's easy. It has to be roses."  He said those phrases in times that he thought it was best to look on the bright side.  He was a mess, but he was a very, very spiritual man.  He read his Bible everyday.  He was a character.  He liked his Coors Light and would really let loose, but he was a very generous and giving man at the same time.

     I always liked the way he would say, "We passed and repassed."  That meant he ran into somebody that he didn't like, or they didn't like him, and they simply passed by one another in peace.  It usually meant no words were exchanged.  I would love to get a collection of stories from people about him.  Everybody that knew him probably has a story about him and his larger than life character.

     It was good to get a good laugh.  I am beginning to get a little nervous about my surgery, so laughing is good!  I do have to tell you I got a little peace of mind today.  It's funny I heard that phrase because earlier today I was on my computer and something caught my eye in the reflection of the window behind me.  I have told you before that red birds are my favorite because of their special meaning with me and my grandfather.  I turned around and a red bird was on the top of the rocking chair in front of the window looking at me.  I was so glad to see it.  I know now everything will be just fine.  A little birdy told me so!


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