Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Way To Go!

     We had a couple of things going on this past weekend with support for cancer survivors and in memory of those who lost their battle. There may have been more, but the ones I was aware of were the Relay for Life and the Susan G. Komen 5K/1 mile walk.  I just want to say a very big "Way To Go!" to all of you who participated in them.  It is such an unselfish act to take the time to support those affected.

     My daughter, Sydney, went with my brother and his wife and kids to the Susan G. Komen walk.  My sister-in-law's (Bethany)  mom, Yvonne, is a breast cancer survivor.  This is her second battle and she had a radical double mastectomy in January.  She is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.  Very generous, loving, and soft spoken.  But, she is also one tough lady! 

Sydney with Yvonne and  Bethany and the kids.

     This second time had nothing to do with the first and she found it by accident.  She was on vacation and had what we thought at the time was a freakish fall.  She had her ribs X rayed and they found it.  She is very good about keeping up with dr.s appointments and keeping herself in check.  If she hadn't had the Xray when she did, her prognosis would have been very different.  I am sure she was SO scared and knowing this time what was in store for her since she had battled it before had to make it even worse.  Just to back up what I said before about her being generous and tough, she found all this out before the holidays and kept it to herself so her kids and grandchildren wouldn't have the holidays ruined.  I can't imagine having that on me and not letting my family help me get through it.  She knew she was going to have the surgery the first of the year, so,  she told them all close to her surgery date so they wouldn't worry any longer than they had to.

Sweet Yvonne

     I am sure there are a lot of women out there who are, and have been, diagnosed and have spared their families as much as possible while taking more of the stress of knowing and putting it all on themselves.  That's what moms do, but it is so brave and so giving at the same time.  This is why I think it is great when others come out to events like this and show their support.

     The Relay for Life is not just breast cancer and women (although some men do get breast cancer), but I am sure there are many, many people who take the burden of their illness upon themselves and spare their families as much as possible.  That shows so much strength.

     We all can use as much support as we can get in our everyday lives, but those going through the fight against cancer definitely can use it even more so.  So many people made the two events this weekend a success and I am sure it meant so very much to all those involved in the fight.

Sydney and my brother, Ty

     I am very proud of my daughter for getting up VERY early on a Saturday morning and going to show her support.  She said it was a very emotional day and she was so glad she took part in it.  We all love Yvonne.  That is my niece and nephews' grandmother, so we want to support her in any way we can.  She is such a sweet lady and she has always been very good to my kids. 

     Not only has she fought breast cancer twice, but we had a tornado come through our town in November and it hit a subdivision right across the street from her house.  She called my sister-in-law scared to death, because she was in the car almost home when she saw it coming.  She was just in Alabama with Bethany's dad on business when the town they were in was hit by the recent tornadoes.  She has definitely proved to be a fighter and it definitely seems that God is looking out for her! 

     She is going in very soon for more reconstructive surgery.  So many women and families were hopefully empowered by Saturdays walk (and those also with Relay for Life) and will go on with their fight knowing so many people care about them and are with them in this fight!




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