Thursday, May 12, 2011

Where's My Tool Belt?

I don't mind being a single mom at all!  I just do my best and hope and pray me and the kids make it out alive.  There are a lot of things that don't bother me about being the only adult in the house.  I make the decisions, I plan trips, I decide where money goes, I get to be the boss.  BUT......., with all those pros has to come a few cons!

I know way more about air conditioning units, filters, fuse boxes, and other "manly" things.  It is kind of empowering when I can fix something, but I think the thing that hit me the most was when I got a Home Depot Credit Card.  NEVER in my life would I have ever thought I needed a Home Depot credit card! 

Macy's     YES
Nordstrom  YES
Dillard's  YES
Bed Bath and Beyond  YES
Home Depot????????  It's bad enough I know my way around the store!

Yesterday I got a refresher course in air conditioning.  It's bad when I am way ahead of them and know exactly what to do before they get there and know what is wrong with it, but have to call them anyway because I can't buy freon.  (That's good news for my ex.)

Today, I will be learning about freezers.  (Isn't it great when one thing falls apart at least 5 other things follow it!)  If it is the freon too I won't be able to tell y'all.  Everybody will be thinking I AM doing something naughty if I am low on it all over the house.  (Especially if you have been watching Desperate Housewives lately! haha)

Well, I do think every girl needs to know how to take care of herself in every way.  My daughter will benefit because she is learning right along with me and the boys.  But, if you ever see me under the hood of my car please stage an intervention ASAP!


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