Monday, June 6, 2011

Anthony (I Can't Say It With A Straight Face) Weiner

     I can't stop laughing at Anthony Weiner.  I am sure he has been teased all of his life by his last name, but it didn't mean he had to live up to it!  It seems like everywhere we turn around men are behaving inappropriately in their marriages.  It also seems to be a lot of politicians, and they have never had the reputation of being completely honest.  I don't know where the stereotype started, but it appears to be true that politicians are generally not very trustworthy. 


     The reason I keep laughing at Weiner (I am sorry, I can't even say or type his name without a chuckle), is he is an adult acting like a 3rd grader that didn't want to get caught.  His "I didn't do it" excuse didn't last very long.  It isn't funny to his wife, I am sure, and I know for that reason I shouldn't find it so funny, but if he isn't sure how to use twitter maybe he should learn before sending those kind of pictures on there.  It does sound like a little boy thing to do, doesn't it?  Or at least a little boy excuse. 

     He also lived up to his last name by crying through the apology.  I am just remembering boys I went to elementary school with that would cry when they got in trouble for doing something they knew they shouldn't be doing in the first place. He claims there has never been anything physical with any of his online relationships, but that is really between him and his wife.  He also said it was his personal blackberry and home computer.  There again, he is entitled to his private life, but when you put yourself in the public eye you have an image to maintain.  Although it is a private, personal matter, being dishonest will follow him and change the way some of his supporters feel about him.

     This is something that apparently he has been doing before and after he was married to Hillary Clinton's aide Huma Abedin.  He said he did not know the ages of all the women, but believes "they're all adults, at least to the best of my knowledge."  That being said, we have probably only heard the beginning of the issue.  It is strange that he says he has only talked to these women online so any of them could be "fibbing" about their age. He kept saying he was sorry for lying, not so much what he did, but lying about it.  That's how I took it anyway.  He used the word relationships, not acquaintances, which makes me a little more curious about the whole thing.

     It is also a little weird that he talks about Nancy Pelosi being upset with him and he was sorry that he lied to her as well.  He says she is disappointed. I think it is strange because the way he described it it sounded a little like a mother being disappointed.  The whole thing is odd.

     I guess you have to think a little more of him for coming forward and admitting the truth, appearing to be sorry, and standing his ground in saying he will not resign.  I just still kind of think he is, well, a real Weiner.

     What do you think?  Should he resign because of ethics, or should his personal life be kept personal?

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