Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Bachelorette Drinking Game

     For starters, if any of you recorded "The Bachelorette" keep it, don't erase it yet.  You can use it at your next party for a drinking game.  Every time Ashley says Bentley, everybody drinks!  Have a bowl by the door when they come in for car keys, though.  Nobody will be able to drive after that game!

     I still feel a little sorry for her on the Bentley issue because she doesn't know what he really said when he left the first time.  She needed closure because she hadn't been told the truth.  She has to feel like the biggest idiot in the world right now.  I thought it was funny when Chris Harrison went to her room to tell her Bentley was there.  When he told her he was in the hotel she was in disbelief.  She kept saying, really? are you joking?

     What was funny was Chris saying, "I wouldn't joke with you."  He has pretty much set her up to look like a fool, but he "wouldn't joke about Bentley being there."  I hope she has a few words for Chris at "The Guys Tell All" episode or After "The Final Rose" episode.

     I don't blame the other guys for being a little upset that Bentley was able to come back, but I don't think they should have gotten as upset as they did.  THIS IS A SHOW WHERE THEY ALL ARE DATING ONE GIRL!  I don't see how they feel really betrayed while she is dating all of them. 

     I liked Mickey and was sad that he chose to leave.  I don't think he felt anything for Ashley and saw the chance to just go home.  I don't think the guys are really into her and I don't think she is all that interested in any of them.  She seems to like JP, but something about him irritates me.  Last night confirmed my feelings when he told the guys she confessed to him that Bentley was there.  He didn't have to say anything, he wanted them to know she confided only in him.


     The show has almost become comical with her group dates.  She has the dumbest dates with them.  And what about Ames?  His concussion on the last episode must have made him a little more aggressive.  I have given him a hard time, but I do think he is a nice guy. 

     I guess the show did a little advertising for the hotel.  They made sure to show the room number 4315 that Bentley was in.  Maybe people will want to stay in that room now?  It was Bentley Pinto, not Brad Pitt!

     I guess we will just have to see how the show ends.  Constantine's hometown is close to mine and I have heard he makes it to the home date.  It will be interesting to watch that and see where they go.  He owns a restaurant around here, but I don't know which one.  Business will probably be good after the show!  I know I would like to go just out of curiosity.  Maybe they will show it on the home date or someone who knows will tell me the name.

     In my opinion, Ryan and JP should be the next to go.  She seems to really like JP.  Naturally.  I don't think he is there for the right reasons and telling the other guys last night that she confided in him just proves he will sell her out to boost his ego.

     We will just have to see.  Oh, and I realize I am divorced and giving my relationship advice.  That is kind of comical in itself, isn't it?

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