Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Bachelorette Has Definitely Found A Few Thorns

Bachelorette Ashley Hebert (ABC)

     I haven't talked about "The Bachelorette" yet.  Well, I have almost given up on this show is one reason.  The other is that I have confirmed the fact that I can't read men at all and it is early in the show.  I fell in love with William the first week.  He was so sweet and cute and seemed so sincere.  He was the one that said his dad was an alcoholic and passed away.  When he was called and told his dad had died he saw that his watch had stopped at the time his dad died.  Now, he wears the watch stuck at that time as a reminder to live life and not take it for granted. 

     What I have realized is that whether it is men or women on the show, they all have spent a lot of time on what they will do that first night.  I think they have had to get creative to make a first impression.  Maybe they want the first impression rose, or maybe they just want a way to stick out and be remembered.  Now, if it is girls or guys and they fall getting out of the limo or get tongue tied, I automatically assume it is on purpose to get sympathy.

   Well, the Lone Ranger wanna be "rose" to the occasion of sticking out in the crowd.  I kept trying to get his meaning for wearing the  mask.  He wanted her to get to know him first before seeing him physicially.  I kept thinking maybe there was something under the mask he was hiding.  He wasn't bad looking when he finally took it off, but I think he had built it up so much that it was kind of a let down.  Ashley's reaction was "you are a lot older than I thought."  I kept thinking before he removed it maybe he had a bad botox appointment or something and it didn't heal in time for the first night and he had to wear it.  Anyway, it wasn't what it was cracked up to be. I guess burning the thing at the end meant he agreed. I did feel sorry for him when he didn't get a rose though.

     BACK to William...............He, alone, shows I just can't read 'em.  I don't think he meant to be a jerk completely, but he kept acting like one making me like him less and less.  She gave him another chance at the rose ceremony, but I was even pulling for the masked man when it got down to the last rose.  I don't think he is as genuine as he seemed at the beginning.

     Bentley.  Let me just say that when you name a baby something like the king of cars, you are setting the bar way, way high.  By the time he FINALLY left I was calling him Pinto. I hope he was as embarrassed as he should be when he watched his goodbye.  He was the one who lingered.  He grabbed her, not the other way around.  I think Chris Harrison should have told her the truth about him when he talked to her before the rose ceremony.  It might would have eased her broken heart.  I am not convinced he won't be back.  This show has gotten to be a lot more about drama and ratings so I feel like he could return before it is over with.

    My local girls, I found out from a good friend that Constantine is from close to here.  I missed that somehow, but he can be seen working out at a gym in a neighboring town.  Usually when they say Atlanta, that can be pretty general, but he is close by.


  Is it just me or does Ben F. look like he could be Chris N.'s brother from Ali's season?

Ben F.

Chris N.

Chris N.

     Maybe they don't look as much alike in these pictures, but on the show Ben looks a lot like Chris. Look next time and see if you see it too. I kept thinking they recycled "the random guy"  from Ali's season.  You know who I am talking about?  He would appear and disappear and I don't think he said a word the whole season, but when they showed clips at the "The Guys Tell All" episode he was really funny and had a good sense of humor.  I think he was called "The Phantom" by the other guys because he would slip on and off camera.

     Me and Sydney both think Ames is a little odd looking.  About half way through the show, Sydney said "I know what he looks like!   A fish!"  And he does.  Then, every time they showed him the rest of the show we couldn't see him without laughing.


     Right now, I think Nick is probably the best looking one there.  But, I am afraid to say any more than that because I get fooled by them.


      Ashley had to feel so embarrassed when she saw this weeks show.  But, when Bentley  Pinto left he managed to make a fool out of himself at the same time.  I don't understand his angle.  He was hoping it was Emily instead, but does he really think he has a shot with her now?  I guess we will just have to see!

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Sydney said...

Mom! I feel bad saying he looks like a fish, especially if he ends up being one of the nicer ones.