Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cloudy Georgia Morning

     It is a rainy, cloudy morning in Georgia and I had to get up early and DID NOT want to!  Why is it the mornings you are sleeping really good are the mornings you have to get up and the mornings I wake up for no reason I am sitting there trying to be quiet so everybody else can sleep?

     Even though it is like a sauna in the summertime, I love a pretty, sunny morning.  The rain is fun too, though.  Or at least it used to be.  When I was little, I remember pretty summer rains that would come along in the afternoon, cool everything off, and then the sun would reappear.  Those rains were pretty to watch and you knew they might not last long.

     It isn't like that here anymore.  Our summer storms are just plain dangerous.  Years ago, we would tempt it and stay in the water as long as we could before the rain would start.  My dad would always yell at us to get out before lightning hit us.  Now, we don't play around with it.  One big black cloud and you run for cover because no longer is the fear just of lightning it is strong winds and sometimes tornadoes.  We hardly ever had tornadoes years ago.

     I still believe God is trying to tell us something.  I know we have global warming and other things that might contribute to making the weather more fierce, but tornadoes don't seem so rare anymore.  And not just the, "I think something may have blew through here" ones either.  A lot of the time there is no question.  The obvious destruction clears up any doubt.  I cannot imagine going through all of that and losing your home and all belongs, or worse, a loved one.

     I am going to try to enjoy the little bit of cooler temperatures because of all the clouds, but I think a lot of people are more fearful of them now instead of the pretty summer rains we used to have.  It is still fun to try to find a rainbow after one, but I think we might want to look for another message too.  It would certainly help to think about why He is trying to get our attention!

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Jessica said...

Bummer how the weather changes like that. I wouldn't stick around in the water either if I knew that a tornado was possible.