Saturday, June 25, 2011

Easy Saturday, But Not For Long

My nephew, Walt, is playing baseball All Stars.  He loves baseball and is a really good player.  I know he is young (just turned 9 last Saturday), but I don't understand how him and the other boys play in the heat.  I can't stand it with a bathing suit in the water.  They have on uniforms.  I guess they manage the same way football players practice in the heat.  I am sure I could have done it easier when I was younger, but I really don't think it was quite this hot.  It helps, though, when you really love a sport.  I guess you don't mind it so bad then.  I asked him this week if he was getting tired of it and he said, "I am kind of tired of the practices, but I still like the games!"  There you go, a true athlete in the making!  He is playing football for the first time this year, so when he is done with baseball he will go right into another hot sport, for most of the season anyway.

Walt, a true baseball fan!

The beginning of our football season is really hot.  I have just found my love for football.  I am still trying to figure out positions and rules, but at least I look forward to watching it now.  (I realize that kind of sounds like Woody Harrelson in Doc Hollywood when he said he wanted to be a doctor but the science part got in the way.)  I never enjoyed it before, but after watching Shane play last year, I am hooked.  I better like it.  My brother's twins, Walt, and Stratton are all playing league, and Skylar is cheerleading.  That means we have FOUR football games on Saturdays pretty soon.  Skylar is in the age group below the twins so we start with her and end with Stratton.  Shane will be playing on Thursday nights.  WHEW! 

Today is pretty easy, but easy Saturdays won't last much longer.  Well, I say it is easier.  Sydney has her last driving instruction today.  That means I HAVE to take her to her appointment next week to get her "real" license.  If that isn't bad enough, Shane is going with us to to get his Learner's Permit.  If I have any nerves left that aren't frayed, I will talk to you again next Saturday with none left I am sure!  I am scared to death for her to be out by herself.  She is a good driver, but I am worried about other drivers, perverts, and crazy people.  We have watched WAY too many scary movies and "Criminal Minds."

It will be a lot of help that she can drive herself, especially in the mornings.  She will be able to take her and Shane to school.  The high school starts earlier than the middle school and Stratton is too much like me in that he is NOT a morning person.  Last year, I really didn't have much time to take her and come back for the boys and Stratton being like me and not real with it in the morning, made her late a few times.  It will help that she can get herself places, although I don't mind being taxi mom at all! 

Things move way too fast!  This is her senior year and I probably won't see as much of her as I am used to anyway, with her being able to get herself where she needs to go I will see her even less.  If I was smarter, I would have tried to stall her and get her to wait until her next birthday to get her real license.  She would be 18.  Would she be able to teach Shane then?  That might have worked out perfectly!

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Common Household Mom said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

I see that you have a lot going on, and some of the same things that I do. I know how it feels to have the oldest child driving on her own - scary! But in our case it turned out to be great - my oldest eventually did some of the driving chores, and when I went out of town on business she was able to get the other kids to/from their lessons and scouts and stuff. But we didn't let her drive to places that were unfamiliar.

In our state the driving "instructor" has to be age 21 or older. I suspect that if caught the punishment for breaking that rule is pretty severe for the future driver. It's kind of too bad, because the driving lessons eat up a lot of my time. Good luck with all of it!