Monday, June 20, 2011

Girls Day!

     I have always hated it that Sydney doesn't have a sister.  I am so close to mine and can't imagine not having her growing up.  It means a lot having a sister growing up, but now that we are older I appreciate her even more.  To know that I have a best friend that loves me unconditionally is the best thing in the world.  You can have that without being blood related, but I am so thankful I had her with me all the time growing up.

     Sydney and my niece, Skylar are really close.  Skylar is my sister's daughter and she is named Skylar April after me.  My daughter, Sydney, is named Sydney Amanda after my sister.  It's funny because Sydney is a lot like Amanda and Skylar is a lot like me.

     They were the only girls for a long time, until Sadie and Ella were born almost two years ago.  Sydney is the oldest then we had Shane, Stratton, Walt, Timothy, and Tyler.  Sydney was the only girl with all the boys until Skylar got here.  Then, Amanda had Macalister before we finally got two more girls, Sadie and Ella.  We are back on the boys, though, with our latest, Samuel.

     Being the only two girls for so long, Sydney and Skylar are more like sisters than cousins.  All of our kids are more like siblings than cousins.  All of us living on the same street makes it easier for them to get together.  It was like that when I was growing up with my cousins.  My dad and his brother and sister were so close we were always with them and my cousins were like brothers and sisters.

    Last week, Skylar came over and she and Sydney had a girls afternoon.  Sydney curled her hair and put make up on her.  She loves coming over and going to Sydney's room.  All the kids like coming to my house because we have older kid toys and NOTHING is child proof!

     I love watching the girls have a good time together.  Skylar is Sydney's biggest fan.  Whatever Sydney is doing, Skylar is right there cheering her on.  Right now, there is 10 years age difference, but it isn't always a big deal and when they get older it won't seem like much of a difference at all.  I am so glad she has Skylar and the fact that they were the only two girls for a while, they have a closeness that will always be there. 

     I had to share these pictures!  They are too cute and I love it when they have girl fun together!

This is the first one.

Then, the second when Skylar realized you were supposed to do two fingers. 

She loves her Sydney!

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