Sunday, June 12, 2011

Grown Ups With Childhood Friends

     We watched the movie Grown Ups tonight.  With a cast of Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, and David Spade you can't go wrong!  It must be Adam Sandler that cracks me up since he is 2 for 2 movies in a week!

     It was a really good movie.  It kind of reminded me of a more (not completely) kid-friendly version of the Big Chill.  It had the same idea of grown ups getting together and re-connecting over a weekend after the death of someone that meant a lot to all of them.  The soundtrack for the Big Chill was much better though.  It is probably one of the best soundtracks ever, so it would be hard to beat anyway.

     I enjoyed it because it made me think of friends I had while growing up and on into high school.  Our childhood makes us the adults we become and every person that is involved in those years contributes somehow.  Some people leave a positive impression and influence, and some not so positive.  Either way, they are a part of what makes us who we are and it all matters.

     The really good friends that are with us for big moments that we never forget even as we get older are the friends that always mean something special to us.  We can lose contact for years, but then catch up in a weekend.  The history we share with those special friends creates a bond that can't be broken.  We learn so many lessons growing up.  Friends that are with us through the harder ones can't be replaced.

     I had a lot of good friends and a lot of good times growing up.  I love that I was brought up in a small town.  Yes, there can be the disadvantage of EVERYONE knowing your business.  But, the advantage is that everyone gets to really know everyone.  It is just as easy to get good news spread around in a small town as it is bad news.

     When I was in high school, we had grades 8-12.  My daughter and son are in the same high school I graduated from, but it is a much bigger building.  It is still relatively small compared to some of the larger county schools, but it has definitely grown since I was a student there.

     The benefit of going to such a small school was that I felt like I knew everyone.  There were some people I didn't know that well, but I did know their name.  A lot of my friends' parents went to school with my parents.  I even had some friends' grandparents that were classmates with my grandparents!  Some of the teachers taught generations of students.

     Whether you are from a small place like me, or a bigger place, you still have those friends that you will never forget.  Those are precious people and precious memories.  There are times when we are growing up that our friends really know us better than anybody else.  Those are the friendships that last a lifetime.

     Do you remember friends like that?  The ones you sat up all night with and told your secrets to?  The best friend that told you the truth whether you wanted to hear it or not.  They still told you knowing you would be mad at them for a while, but they also knew you would get over it and thank them for being so loyal and honest.  Guys, do you remember the best friend that stood up to the bully for you because he didn't want to see you hurt?  He may have taken a punch because he didn't want you to have to take it.  You know the kind of friends I am talking about.

     I feel so blessed and fortunate that I am still in that same town.  A lot has changed and it isn't as small as it used to be, but I still have so many "old" friends that I am so lucky to still be able to live around and get to see.  A lot of us have kids around the same ages and we are watching them form friendships like we had. 

     Not only were the friendships important when I was younger and a teenager, but they are really important now.  I am still building on a lot of them. 

     I am really glad we watched the movie.  It was funny and entertaining, but it made me think about those childhood friends.  Everybody deserves friends like that.  Who are your long-time friends and why?

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