Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Think I May Have Found A Summer Job

     The movie The Walking Dead about zombies is being filmed in Atlanta.  Before I get started on my way, way, way behind tan maybe I should see if they need any extras.  Me and the kids love scary movies.  I have always loved watching them, but after watching one I am one of those that runs to the bed after turning off the light.  Then, I won't go in the basement by myself for a week!  But, I love to watch them.

A stretch of Ga. 20 in Henry County was used for a scene in the TV show  "The Walking Dead." Here, a wreck was staged on Monday for the movie.


       Psychological thrillers are my favorite.  Crazy people make the best scary movies.  That can happen, and you just can't kill a true crazy person.  The best movie like that I have seen in a while is Shutter Island with Leonardo Dicaprio.  That was a good thriller and it had a good ending.  It seems like a lot of movies are good then it is like the writers just get tired and just finish it and the end is a let down.



       I love really good comedies too.  Me and the kids watched The Dilemma last night.  It has Vince Vaughn and Kevin James in it.  I thought it had to be good with those two, but it was kind of slow.  It is just once in a while you get a really good funny movie. 


     There are some out at theaters right now that I would like to see.  The chairs might not be very comfortable for me, but at least it would be cool!  The heat is really bad, so anything in doors in air conditioning sounds good!

     I like to go to the movies, but I have gotten spoiled being able to watch them at home.  It makes it so much easier when you can pause or rewind.  Although, you don't have to deal with the home phone at the movies!

     Have you seen a good movie lately or have an old favorite that you could suggest we could watch?  We have to have an in between.  Me and Sydney don't like too much action and the boys don't like chick flicks so it makes it a little harder to find something in between.  But, when it comes to scary and horror, that is something we all four agree on!  (We just sleep with a little more lights on afterwards!)

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