Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Wish Me A Happy Father's Day!

     You know the positive side of being physically and financially responsible for your kids all by yourself?  You get to celebrate Mother's Day AND Father's Day.

     We play both parents everyday so it is only fair we get to celebrate both days.  We work hard, we deserve it.  If a dad wants to celebrate Father's Day, then, well, you should act like a dad.  You know, be there for your kids.  Be more than happy to help support them rather than fight and refuse to do so.  Quite simply, Be a Dad. 

     I am wishing all my single mom sisters out there that play both parents everyday to have a great Father's Day!  Our kids see us as both so we should too!

   If you are a biological father and you don't get to celebrate because of  an "incomplete"  (like in school when you started something and didn't finish, just kind of let it go and ignored it).  Then maybe one day there will be a special day for all of you..............I think it's called Judgment Day.......not the kind in county court.

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