Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just A Little More Time

     Well, I had my post-op appointment today and it went well.  I am doing really good and healing like I am supposed to, but they still won't let me do as many things as I would like to.  Today is the most I have done.  My doctors office is in North Fulton and then I ran a couple of errands and went to the grocery store  (Sydney was a big help!) and now I am worn out!  I know this Georgia heat doesn't help, but what is it about being put to sleep that completely drains you for a while!  A lot of recovery is getting that out of your system.  It would seem being knocked out like that would refresh you in some way.

     It is still early Summer, but if I don't get outside soon I will never catch up with my seasonal tan.  It doesn't help that every time I have turned around the last 3 weeks, somebody has been taking blood.  A lot of my pre op blood work was still okay for my postponed surgery, but I did have to go back for one more kind.  Ironically enough, it was for the blood bank in case I needed a transfusion.  I am pretty sure I could use one right now! 

     I have a lot I am going to have to wait another week and 1/2 before I can do, but I am sure it will go by fast.  I just hope after that it slows down a little so I can enjoy the rest of the summer with the kids!  At least when school starts this year, I should be feeling good and ready for some football!  I have never cared for it, but Shane played 8th grade last year and I absolutely loved it!  Stratton is going to play and so is my nephew, Walt for the association league.  I never thought I would be looking forward to football season but I sure am!    

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