Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just Shoot Me Now

     Well, I have had quite a day!  I took Sydney to get her real license and Shane got his learner's permit.......................................  Just shoot me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     I am glad they both passed their tests, but I am a nervous wreck.  Sydney is a good driver and a good girl, but I worry about other cars on the road.  It has been a good day, though, and I am so glad I got to take both of them and experience it with them.  We had to make an appointment for Sydney's test.

     We made an appt. when I had my test too.  My grandfather, Tom Ed, knew someone at the dmv, and we "called ahead."  This is a different kind of appt. than kids make now.  The biggest thing was making sure the guy was there on my birthday. We still did the test, we just weren't as nervous taking it. It worked out great for all of us grandkids.  Sort of.  In order, me, my cousin Jonas, my sister Amanda, my cousin Joseph, and my cousin Adam all wrecked cars shortly after getting our license.  Most of us in the first week or two.  My sister managed to do it the day of her birthday.  The only one who didn't was Ty.  Another reason we tease him and call him "The Golden Child."  Truth is, he just pays a lot more attention than any of the rest of us do!  And, I don't mean just fender benders.  I totaled mine and the others did a real "bang up" job too!  So, it is probably a good thing we don't know anybody working there for this next group of kids!

     Sydney did really good.  She was nervous, but she recently had driver's ed and driving instruction so I felt like she was prepared.  Shane was nervous too.  The computers went down right before his test and I thought, oh, no, he won't be able to take it.  They got them back working before long though.  I could see him taking his test through the mirror in the upper corner of the testing room.  They sat him right next to a girl his age that evidently thought the temperature inside the building was going to be 150 degrees because that is what she dressed for.  I am thinking, oh, Lord, he is NEVER going to pass sitting next to that!  But he did!

     Sydney took her test in our Nana and Papa's car.  They have a Honda Accord and it was much easier than my SUV.  Back to how I got my license, I can't drive my car either.  I have a dent in one side from an accident, another dent in the front where I rear ended a VERY DEAR friend of mine (I am still sorry Melissa!--Although I did help her out, she got a new car out of it! ;) and now a dent and part of the metal sticking out from the back where I ran into one of our brick mailboxes.  If I was really smart, I would say that Sydney did it, but I have too many witnesses that know the truth and I can't pay them off because now Sydney needs a car.    

     I am going to be terrified when Sydney leaves the first time.  I just had a really close call. She wanted to go to her friend's house.                     By herself!!!!!!!!!!                       I know that was kind of the point of today, but I think it is too soon for me.  I told her I haven't added her to my insurance yet.  I didn't want to jinx her.  The guy knows I will be adding her soon, I just wanted to make sure she got her license first.  I can guarantee you she will wake me up first thing in the morning to make that call.  Can any of my friends out there disconnect our home line and turn off service to our cell phones?  If so, you will have to do it at my sister's, mom's, and brother's, or she will be going door to door.

     I am teasing, I know I have to let go.  It is just SO hard!  And if it isn't bad enough I will be worried about her, I will have Shane driving me around now.  If any of you see me anytime soon standing in a corner talking to myself, just let me be.  It just means I have officially lost what is left of my mind!

A picture of the happy day!  It is neat they got to go together.

Here's Stratton.  He stayed behind and went swimming with my sister and her kids.  The bad part of being the youngest is not only will he be the last to get his license, but he has to endure a sister and brother learning to drive!  It should be easy for him when he gets his turn!  I hope!


dorothy said...

Too funny!!! I remember your wreck and every time I go down that road I think about it. Congrats to your sweet children for passing. RELAX AND DEEP BREATHE

thesisterhoodofspiritualsinglemoms said...

Thanks! I will try to relax, but it isn't going to be easy. Sydney isn't going to want to go anywhere because I am having her call me when she gets there, when she leaves, if she goes anywhere else. She is on the phone with me the whole time she is gone! I know it will get easier in time. Dad and Ty are teaching Shane for now.